Oratory Church of St. Boniface
Oratory Church of St. Boniface


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    After a very long hiatus from the Catholic church, my husband and I discovered the Oratory Church of St. Boniface approximately three years ago. What we found is an incredibly vibrant, welcoming, large, diverse, and progressive community. The church building itself is beautiful and located a block from City Point (my kids favorite post-mass lunch spot). There are five priests who belong to the Oratory. All of them give homilies that are thoughtful, relevant to our lives and world events, and encourage reflection. The church also has an amazing choir at the 11:15am mass. The Oratory has a large religious education program known as OSD rather than CCD. Classes meet once a month on Sunday mornings at 10:00am - 12:00pm for elementary school-aged children. In 2017, the church introduced a new OSD format that includes parents in the program in an effort to build community and to enlist them as partners in their child/children’s religious education. When we joined St. Boniface, our then 8 and 9 year old children had not been baptized. The church welcomed them into OSD and worked with our family to prepare them to be baptized and make their sacraments. Through this we developed a personal relationship with the wonderful Father Anthony and did not encounter any kind of bureaucratic obstacles or formalities, which we thought we might. During the 11:15am Sunday mass, children have the option of meeting together for a children’s liturgy where they discuss the meaning of the readings rather than sit through the homily. If you are looking for the exceptional Catholic church that truly welcomes all people and is committed to social justice and serving the broader community, I encourage you to visit St. Boniface.