OPEX South Brooklyn
OPEX South Brooklyn


OPEX South Brooklyn is a personalized health facility focused on movement, nourishment and lifestyle coaching.

For a monthly fee, you get your own personal coach who will program exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle based on your strengths, weaknesses, and goals. We operate under a semi-private environment, only allowing up to 10 clients training at once with 1-2 coaches on the floor to assist when you need.

For more information, fill out the "Speak With A Coach" form on our website.

Your discount: $50 off

$50 off first full month of membership (billed on the 1st of the month).
Discount applies to the following: memberships:
OPEX Blue (On-Site Coaching up to 5 visits per week) - $289/monthOPEX White (Semi-Remote Coaching up to 2 visits per week) - $249/monthOPEX Green (Remote Coaching up to 2 visits per month) - $209/month
All Memberships include your own personal coach, as well as:
- A training program based on Strength and Conditioning principles, upon assessment.- A nutrition philosophy centered around your lifestyle and daily habits.- A lifestyle prescription focused on optimizing your sleep, stress, and behavior.- Access to our 3,300 sq. ft. facility- Access to social events and activities (including softball!)

Reviews (2)

  • Personal Trainer

    My husband and I joined Opex South Brooklyn in February and have loved it. We come from having done CrossFit, but we felt we needed a more personalized approach to our training. Opex is great because it is “semi-private” — each member gets assigned a coach, who will program a training schedule personalized to the client. The coach will also discuss nutrition and sleep. You have one In-Body Scan each month (if you wish). You go to the gym to do your own programming, but you are in a community of other people (who each do their own programming). There are always 2 floor coaches (who may or may not be your coach, depending on schedule) there to help, but the approach is to educate clients to be self-sufficient in the gym while having a tailored training regimen written by a coach. We have LOVEd the coaches, the programming, the gym and the community, and a few of our friends have joined in the last few months and absolutely love their time there. It sounds like your husband might enjoy it, too!
  • Stay Tuned!

    This business is a Park Slope Parents Perks Provider. Stay tuned for reviews!