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Omnis Education


What is Omnis Education?

Our mission at Omnis Education is to provide a world class education to everyone: one that equips children and adults with the skills, toolset and knowledge to THRIVE in the world…

An online learning platform for every member of the family.
Choose what to learn…anywhere, at any time, from world class educators.
Connect online and in the real world through global adventures, online communities and clubs.

Who Is Omnis Education for?

Omnis Education is for EVERYONE. Specifically we are focused on providing world class learning experiences for…

Families looking for enrichment: Omnis Education is a source of enriching and holistic educational resources and experiences for parents who know that learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom.

Homeschoolers: Built for self-directed learners, Omnis Education is ideal for homeschooling families of all kinds who want world class learning materials, a community of like-minded families and hands-on support from experienced homeschoolers.

Alternative Educators: Omnis Education can provide a long term, holistic solution for families looking to do something different but who aren’t necessarily interested in ‘traditional’ homeschooling.

Pod & Microschoolers: Omnis Education supports pod schools and micro schools with everything needed to set up and provide a world class education for your children.

If the current educational systems aren’t serving you or your family, we can help. Omnis Education is a truly accessible academic alternative that is self directed and “whole person” focused, for your whole family.

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