Olivia Williamson
Olivia Williamson


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Reviews (3)

  • Caterer?

    I recommend Olivia Williamson of Olivia Cooks for You. She worked within our budget to cater our daughter's Bat Mitzvah, and everything was delicious.
  • Reasonable chef/cooking service for in-home

    I used Olivia Williamson to deliver meals after my second child and the food was super yummy! Don't know her catering rates but the delivered food was reasonably priced. She's at (Review from Feburary 2013)
  • Re: ISO someone to cook and deliver gluten free, healthy meals

    I used Olivia Williamson after my second baby and she was great. I wasn't ordering gluten free stuff but most of my meals were fish, veggies, chicken, etc. She sends a sample menu and you make any changes you may want. She lives in the neighborhood and delivers 4 meals at a time. Was def enough to feed my husband and me as well as our toddler. She was very flexible about when she could drop off which was great for me. We actually had friend's and family send money to Olivia to provide meals. She kept track of how much people sent and each time we got to a certain amount she'd let us know and we'd make an order. Best new baby gift ever!!