Olive Design - Mary Van Vliet

Olive Design - Mary Van Vliet


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  • Re: Rec for small-scale interior design?

    Congrats on your new home! I just undertook a small-scale interior design project in my living room with Mary Van Vliet of Olive Design. I had to jump on here to recommend her because not only is she fabulous with great taste and a joy to work with, but the project you describe is exactly what she is doing for me! -- reconfiguring furniture, selecting some new (but inexpensive) pieces, and advising on space-maximizing wall storage. Plus window treatments and paint color. Mary used to be a textile designer, so is especially strong with curtain and upholstery selection. I recommend her to my clients, too, and they have all been pleased.
  • Interior Design recommendation?

    I work with Mary Van Vliet of Olive Design, a fellow PSP-er who doesn’t have attitude about working with a modest budget. She is an artist with a wide background in fine art, decorative painting, textile design, furniture re-finishing, you name it. A good way to experience working with her without a big commitment is her 90-minute makeover. http://olivedesignny.com/90-minute-makeover/ My clients have been very happy with how much she can do in a short period of time, and her use-what-you-have approach.