NYC School Help - Joyce Szuflita
NYC School Help - Joyce Szuflita


helps Brooklyn families with the school search; public and private, nursery school through high school

Reviews (7)

  • Applying for Kindergarten and PreK for Fall 2021

    Her talk was great!
  • Pre-K Recos

    I recommend going to one of Joyce’s “Soup to Nuts for New Parents” talks and buying one of her preschool maps (you can but it from her website if you can’t make it to a talk) — she is a treasure trove of info and the map is fantastic: She also has a Pre-K and K talk (I didn’t attend that) but I’m assuming since you’re in our winter group your kid is 2 or under and won’t be in a 4’s program (Pre-K) until Fall 2022.
  • [ANONYMOUS] Child re-entering DOE system after a break

    I recommend contacting Joyce Szuflita for some insight. If you write her she may just ease your mind.
  • 2018 Review

    Joyce "the School lady" is really amazing. We just went through the Pre-K process with our older daughter and Joyce's talks were so helpful. Even better...she is affiliated with Park Slope parents! So, when you get to Pre-K age they get everyone on an email list serve who has kids starting Pre-K and Joyce is on the email to to give advice - its pretty awesome.
  • Advice on upk

    I highly recommend attending one of Joyce Sfzukita talks on UPK and Kindergarten.
  • Re: school consultant recommendations?

    I highly recommend Joyce Szuflita with NYC School Help. She She has been working with BK & Manhattan Families for a long time and is definitely considered one of the best (if not the best) consultants for navigating the school process.
  • Re: [PSP] Re: Preschool recs?

    Joyce is an amazing resource. She met with me and my husband for a couple of hours and we discussed all our options. Check out her blog.