NY OBGYN of Mount Sinai
NY OBGYN of Mount Sinai


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Reviews (4)

  • Review from the Summer 2022 Birthing Survey

    What month and year was your child born? June 2022 Review: Very matter-of-fact, efficient but not hand-holding
  • Review from the Spring 2022 Birthing Survey

    The physicians in this group took very good care of me physically and made sure that the baby and I were healthy and cared for medically for the entire pregnancy and labor and birth experience. I was disappointed by the lack of emotional care and the lack of a personal relationship. I was also disappointed by some of the attitudes towards my desires to understand interventions and to be as "natural" as possible throughout pregnancy and labor and delivery. I felt incredibly safe and cared for medically but for future pregnancies I will consider seeking more holistic care.
  • OB/GYN who takes GHI?

    I have GHI and go to the Mount Sinai obgyn on Cadman Plaza. I haven’t been in a while, but I think they take most insurance.
  • 2019 Birth Survey

    Very good. Their office in downtown Brooklyn was very convenient. Usually did not have to wait long. Doctors could be a bit rushed and abrupt but would stay to answer as many questions as I had. Best part is that maternal fetal medicine (for more detailed scans) was in the same location and the ultrasound tech was wonderful. I had to be closely monitored after 34 weeks for high blood pressure. Being in a bigger practice was a bit frustrating as I felt I sometimes received conflicting info or felt the doctors weren’t communicating with one another. The doctor on call for my delivery, Dr. Kurtz, was not my favorite and I did not feel supported by him during labor. Overall I think the doctors were very professional and I felt that the baby and I were in good hands.