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  • roaches, the big ones, help! exterminator recs??

    Highly recommend Northeastern Exterminating. Family-run business--professional, super thorough, kind and patient!
  • Need a bed bug exterminator

    We found bed bugs in September. We used James and Joe at Northeastern Exterminating. They are a family owned company, father and son team, and they saved the day. We have a 2 year old and a senior dog, but chose to have them spray with chemical. They were professional, personable, and available. The inspection and treatment altogether cost about $1800. FYI your landlord is required by law to pay for bedbug treatment, though everyone decides on their own how much to push for this. Good luck, hang in there. One load of laundry at a time.
  • Recommendation for an exterminator

    Wanted to put in a good word for the exterminator we worked with in November 2016. We had the unfortunate situation of having a mouse or two and called Joe at Northeastern Exterminating. We found them to be very thorough, sealing each hole where a mouse could have come in and providing effective mice deterrents, getting to the source of the problem and preventing future issues. We found them to also be baby/child friendly in their extermination techniques which put us at ease with a newborn. They provided tips and advice and also followed-up with us a few weeks after the appointment. Lastly they were very friendly which made them nice to work with.
  • review of bed bug exterminator

    We used Northeastern when we had a bed bug problem this summer based on positive reviews on yelp and the fact that when I called the owner Joe was so much calmer and more reasonable than everybody else. He did not require me to strip my home of all clothing and bedding like some of the other companies, not did he berate me for trying to deal with the problem on our own initially. His employee James was fabulous - very professional, very thorough, and very understanding. He stayed in touch to make sure all was well and even came back to do another inspection after my kids got some mosquito bites a few weeks later and we panicked. I highly recommend this service as a reliable and stable way to deal with bed bugs.We are very happy (and bedbug free) customers.