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Noetic Learning Online Math Center


Noetic Learning offers many math programs for K-12 students. Its afterschool supplemental program \'StayAhead\' is customized to fit individual child's skill and learning pace. Its summer program \'LeapAhead!\' keeps students math skills sharp during the summer.

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    We used Noetic Learning¡¯s online summer math program last year. It is an awesome program. My kids actually look forward to work on it every day. It is amazing. And their math grades and interest towards math dramatically improved in the next school year. I cannot believe how much this little program have helped my kids. Hope you and your children will enjoy the program as much as we do
  • from 2008

    Last year, we used Noetic Learning summer math program , it was a blast. My daughter loves it. It takes about 10-15 minutes a day, she was looking forward to do it every day. The problems range from easy to challenge. She was receiving OK grades in math before the summer, and now she became one of the top students in math afterwards. It was amazing. Highly recommend it. Check it out if you plan to have your child work on math during the summer.
  • from 2009

    Summer is here. Just want to share this wonderful site with parents having elementary school children. If you are looking for a good quality summer math workbook to keep up your child's math skills in the summer, you need to check out this online summer math workbook. Last year, we used Noetic Learning summer math program,, it was great. My daughter loves it. She looked forward to log on and get its new assignments every day. Assignments are automatically graded and scores are kept. It is easy for me to keep track how well she does. The price of the program is just a little more than a workbook. But you can get so much of it! Automatically grading, online progress report, and unlimited basic math drill practice. Highly recommend it. Check it out if you plan to have your child do some math work this summer.