NikosKids Music Together formerly Music Together of Park Slope
NikosKids Music Together formerly Music Together of Park Slope



NikosKids Inc. The Home of Music Together® AND The Rhodes Piano Method™ in Park Slope! Locations: 386 1st Street & Brooklyn Conservatory of Music 58 7th Ave. Go to for our schedule and to register!

About Music Together® Classes: MT is an internationally recognized music and movement program for children from birth through age 4. 10-class semesters, 45-minute classes, a CD, a download code, a songbook and OUR NEW APP are included! FREE TRIAL CLASSES AVAILABLE!

About Rhodes Piano Method™ Classes: RPM is a group piano class for children age 4 and up. Students learn to play songs, chords, read music and even compose!

Includes a 72-week curriculum over two years and divided into 10-class semesters.

Reviews (28)

  • Music group for under 12 months

    Check out Music Together -- we've done and loved both Niko's Kids in central slope and Hootenanny in south slope.
  • Looking for Art / Music Class recommendations

    NikosKids in Center Slope offers toddler music classes (Music Together, the same program Hootenanny uses, along with a program in Spanish). My daughter attended for several sessions when she was younger and my 2-year-old is going now.
  • Music classes for 4 year olds

    We signed up for Nikos Kids rhythm kids which is Wednesdays 4.30pm in the park. I am skipping work early and taking him :). Summer Wednesdays ha !
  • Toddler dance classes

    My 3 y/o daughter has being doing dance with Ms. Allegra via Nikos Kids this Fall and loves it. (November 2019)
  • Baby classes

    I found that once my older child got settled into a regular, 2-nap/day routine, we could finally do semester classes. We love Music Together and went to Niko's Kids. (October 2019)
  • ISO musician for child’s party

    Check with Niko’s Kids to see if they have anyone interested/available. We did music there for a long time and they are wonderful!
  • Dance classes for a 2yo?

    We are just finishing up a semester of dance with Miss Allegra at Nikos Kids on 1st st and 6th Ave. My just turned 3 year old daughter enjoyed it. It's a great starter class to introduce dance concepts but she makes it all fun and engaging for the kids and they are all dancing or moving most of the time. Miss Allegra is great.
  • Rainy day activities for two 9 month olds!

    taking a music class at Niko's Kids. The Music Together program is so, so good.
  • ISO Baby music class

    There are so many great classes! I highly recommend Nikos Kids on 1st street between 6th and 7th ave. My son started Music Together at about 15mos and then switched to Canta y Baila when he was about 2yrs old and at that point my newborn daughter joined. I love the Canta y Baila classes. You don’t have to speak Spanish but of course, knowing a little helps. The music is playful and reflects the diversity of Latinoamerica. All that said, my son is 4 now and participating in Rhythm Kids and my daughter and my 5month old are in Canta y Baila. Everyone’s happy!
  • ISO Baby music class

    Music Together / Nico’s kids was great for me and my kid when he was a baby/toddler. We went for three semesters and loved it.
  • ISO Baby music class

    We love Niko’s Kids. I’ve also heard good things about Hootenany.
  • ISO music class for a 3.5 year old

    Niko’s Kids! We’ve loved them for a year.
  • ISO music class/ singalong for babies

    We love, love, love the Music Together program at Niko’s Kids! We’ve done many other grps mentioned on this list and NK is our favorite, by far. You can do a free demo class.
  • Niko’s Kids Reccomendations

    We love niko’s kids! started when my son was 8 or 9 months old and are about to do our 5th session now. reach out to nikolai, take a free trial class and see if you like it.
  • Niko’s Kids Reccomendations

    My nanny takes my 13m old son, and they both seem to enjoy it. My son perks right up when we play their music at home. We just joined for the second time after trying a more informal class. The Music Together curriculum seems strong.
  • 2018 Review

    Nikolai from Nikoskids is amazing - I think he charges in the $ 200- 250 range.
  • Shout out for an awesome new piano program in the area!

    I have no affiliation with this group other than as a happy parent eager for this class to be a success. My newly minted 4 year old took a group piano class at NikosKids and it was soooo fun. She can't wait to go back. I recall my kicking and screaming days of early piano and really wish someone as fun and engaging as Nikolai (the teacher) had been at the keyboard.
  • Music class for 1 year old?

    I love Music Together. I did it for four years with my two kids, starting when the oldest was a year old. We started out in Bay Ridge then continued in Dyker Heights with the teacher Melissa Stylianou and were lucky that she also teaches in Park Slope, so we continued with her when we moved here. My kids love it too and they can't wait to go back. We are on a break since I has my third child three months ago. I'm sure you can take a trial class to see if you like it.
  • Re: Classes/activities good for toddler and baby siblings together?

    I would say that a music / dance class is probably your best option Music for Aardvarks Music Together Rockin' Railroad at KidVille these all have a open theme which will allow your older child to dance and move around the room, even make friends and your younger child can be near you enjoying the music
  • Re: Classes/activities good for toddler and baby siblings together?

    I would think Music Together of Park Slope would be perfect for siblings of those ages, but I haven't checked their rules in a while. They run a fantastic program, based on solid research about how young children experience and learn music. No connection other than happy past client.
  • Re: Music class recommendations for a 1-year-old?

    We loved Nikolai's Music Together classes at the 6th Avenue location.
  • Re: Music class recommendations for a 1-year-old?

    For the most part I think MT is pretty calm. There's a play your instruments segment that is the loudest. Melissa is great.
  • (no subject)

    Music Together Location - 1st st How old is your child? (or the age when he/she attended this program)? Age: - 1 What did you/your child like about this program or class? live music (guitar), interactive activities - bouncing balls to the beat, call and response activities What would you change about the program? some of the songs are a little boring.... Will you send your child back to this program or class again? (Or would you if you could?) Yes Would you recommend this program to other parents for their child in the future? Recommend
  • (no subject)

    Can't say enough good things about Music Together! We started at age 7 months and kept on until our son was 4!!! All the MT classes follow a curriculum, though of course, each teacher has her/his own strengths and personality. Extremely participatory, kids are introduced to lots of different sounds and rhythms, all with age appropriate components, and there's lots of movement. (june 2010)
  • (no subject)

    I've been doing Music Together with my son since he was four months old (he's now 13 months). I really like it, and Sebastian loves it - he starts to smile and laugh as we get to the door. I've done classes with Victoria and Toby, and they're both great. I'm sure other music classes are also good, but I would highly recommend MT. (may 2010)
  • (no subject)

    I started with my daughter at 13 months and she loves it. We take with Jessie who is great. Some friends of mine are with Rene who they like a lot as well. From what I've seen the smaller babies do sort of enjoy it - it's harder to tell - but it's also a nice routine for the caregiver! (may 2010)
  • (no subject)

    > Music Together is the best, we love it!!! Started doing it when my daughter (now 2) was 4 months old, and I highly recommend. If you're looking into the one on 1st St. & 6th Ave., try Victoria or Toby for teachers, if your schedule permits. They're both great w/ the little ones, in my experience (I find that Stephen attracts more of a toddler crowd). Also a nice way to meet other parents in the area. Best of luck (Recommended June/2010)
  • (no subject)

    We LOVE Nicolai. His classes sell out very fast, mostly because his students keeping signing up again for his classes. He really teaches the kids a sense of rhythm and fun and he picks groovy songs for the free dance and instrument banging sections (not nursery stuff but really good stuff). My kid didn't show too much interest until a couple semesters in, and now she loves him so much. (I'm a former musician so getting a good teacher was important to me.) (Recommended June 2010)