New York Preschool Park Slope
New York Preschool Park Slope


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Reviews (3)

  • 2019-2020 Year Review

    We have been happy with New York Preschool (3s program). Our child has connected well with her teachers and classmates and loves to show off what she has been learning. It's a positive 'first school' experience for her and we would do it again. We would probably have preferred that she be in more days per week (there were limited spaces available) but it has been working well and a little more than halfway through the year our sense is that the program is preparing her well for pre-K. There seems to be a good level of physical activity incorporated into each day and there are varied 'special' activities. It is expensive but in line with other programs in this area (everything is expensive!). … About the facility: Has outdoor space, Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours
  • Review from the 2017/2018 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    We've had a wonderful experience in the UPK program. Our daughter loves school so much that she runs into the classroom in the morning, sometimes without even saying goodbye to us! The teachers have been superb - caring, thoughtful, invested in seeing the children learn and thrive in the school environment. They have explored many interesting units, including outer space, the city boroughs, hibernation, the Olympics, and traveling the world with passports. These lessons have been holistic in approach and incorporated the different activities throughout the day, such as art projects, reading books, movement, making music. The teachers post summaries at the end of the day so we can follow what the kids are learning. Our daughter has been excited about what she has learned each day and then she wants to share the information with us and others. About the facility: Has outdoor space, Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours, Provides meals.
  • Review from the 2016/2017 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    Type: Pre-K About the facility: Has outdoor space, Has afterschool options, Provides meals, Provide lunch and one snack (parents pack one snack, no free breakfast Review: My son loved his Pre-K year at New York Preschool. This was the perfect program to transition from daycare into a school setting. The environment was warm, kind, and caring. Everyone at the school knew him and we were always greeted with a smile from the front desk to the cleaners. You an tell the employees truly love their job. His teacher (Ms Rachel) was just above and beyond anything we expected. He fostered our child's zest for learning and help teach him how to control his impulses and be part of a group. There were tons of opportunities for parents to be involved. The classrooms were always clean, new and organized and they were able to take advantage of the Kids Club's amazing facilities and gyms!!! They use the "bloom" app so you can see photos and get a rundown of the day and a calendar. The after school program was incredible - my son loved chess, gymnastics and math magic. If fact he was upset every single day when I arrived at 5:30 to pick him up. Th nonyl negatives of the entire school were that the classrooms don't get natural light and the outdoor small is not very exciting. I enthusiastically recommend New York Preschool - it us a UPK hidden gem! What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? Can't think of anything other than I wish my son could stay there!