New York Aquarium
New York Aquarium


Situated on 14 acres by the sea in Coney Island, the New York Aquarium is home to over 350 species of aquatic wildlife and over 8,000 specimens. As part of the Wildlife Conservation Society (add), the Aquarium continues its mission to raise public awareness about issues facing the ocean and its inhabitants with its Educational programs, public events and research. The Education department offers programs throughout the year, including Camps, Family Programs, and volunteer opportunities. Visit our website and get WILD with us!

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  • Summer camp options in Windsor Terrace area?

    In addition to the many excellent suggestions already provided, our daughter has LOVED participating in Aquarium Camp. This is a bit of a schlep, but really worth it!
  • Feedback on Children's Museum or Aquarium?

    We went to the aquarium on Jan 1 and it felt safe and we had a nice time with our 28 month old. Everyone has to wear masks and there are some fun things to see outside, especially if you can catch the sea lion show in the outdoor aqua theater. Not sure if the times change but the first two shows on the day we went were at 11am and 1pm.
  • Feedback on Children's Museum or Aquarium?

    I took my grandkids aged 2 and 3 to the aquarium last Saturday. We have a membership and the kids request that we go often since they love it there, Because of timed entry and limit on numbers, I did not feel it was too crowded, and felt comfortable and safe. Everyone over age 2 must wear a mask. We arrived about 10:15 and there was no line to get in. (It opens at 10, and there would be a line (distance marked) to get in if you get there early). The sea lion show times vary. On that day there was a show at 11 am, and lots of people go to the arena early to get good seats. We've seen the show a few times so didn't go to it again. Instead we enjoyed the exhibits with fewer people. My grandkids are afraid of large noisy publc toilets. We used the family toilet before the exit of the shark building, which is less intimidating The food options in the winter are very limited, so best to bring your own. There are lots of safely distanced picnic tables. We always go to the beach afterwards, and bring buckets and shovels. (Dress warm because it's always colder at the ocean)
  • NY Aquarium in the winter?

    I took my grandkids, aged 2.5 and 1 in December on a Friday morning and they had a great time. It wasn't too cold and we enjoyed the outdoor sealion show, and brought our picnic lunch to eat on the boardwalk. Winters are great because it's not too crowded and there are plenty of spaces in the parking lot. I agree with the poster who recommended buying the membership. I often walk to the Prospect Park Zoo year round with the kids.
  • NY Aquarium in the winter?

    We took our son when he was about 10 months and loved it! The boardwalk is fun too. Wednesdays afternoon is pay what you can day.
  • NY Aquarium in the winter?

    Highly recommend! We just went with our 7 month old and he loved it!! Took us about an hour to slowly do it all then we went out for Georgian food nearby. One tip would be to buy the Wildlife Conservation Society pass for you and your partner, baby is free. You get access to the aquarium and all nyc zoos for a year and includes special exhibits. It pays for itself in 3ish visits.
  • Overnight at the museum programs?

    My boys’ Scout troop did an overnight at the aquarium’s new shark exhibit—they loved it.
  • Review from Birthday Party Survey, 2010

    Age of Child 3 Reason for Choice: of special interest to my child,, , , conveniently located Not included in the Party Package: private use of the venue (meal may have been in a private room but bulk of the party was in a shared space), invitations, food for kids, party bags, cake, Cost Per Child: 0-$10 DO you recommend? (Choices: Highly/Recommend/DoNot) Recommend Other Info: It was very much "DIY," so I had to do a lot of the organizing myself. I just contacted the Aquarium and pre-purchased a block of tickets at their "group rate" ($6 per person). I gave out the tickets to our party guests who had RSVP'd, and they all met us