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  • Couples counselor / therapist recommendations

    We have a wonderful couple's counselor whom we found through New Pathways Counseling Center on Park Place in Brooklyn. During COVID, they do virtual sessions and they also take insurance!
  • Re: [ANONYMOUS] Need really (really) good couples therapist

    Ethan McCooper at New Pathways Counseling at 7th and Flatbush. He's got a great vibe- warm and friendly while not a pushover and can really hold you and your partner to the issues you need help on. Best of luck.
  • Re: [ANONYMOUS] Couples counselor who accepts 1199 or GHI

    This is in response to the poster who wanted to know what couples counselors take this sort of insurance. I've just started going to "New Pathways" in Park Slope and they specialize in couples therapy. I called them to enquire for this poster, and they in fact do participate with both carriers.