Network Spine: Yasha Magyar, DO
Network Spine: Yasha Magyar, DO



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  • Tips and recommendations to manage chronic pain?

    I urge you to make an appointment with basically the best doctor I have ever seen in my life - no exaggeration! Dr Magyar is super caring, goes above and beyond and works with all kinds of people to manage your pain and get you better. He is conscientious and just a lovely all around person. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He took me from constant pain that NO DOCTOR ever helped me with to getting back to working out and feeling like a whole person again. And everyone I have ever sent to him - my husband and three friends - as well as people I have met randomly who have seen him have sang his praises. He is an osteopath and unfortunately out of network (don’t even get me started on the way osteopaths get treated by insurance networks) but worth it to see him, honestly!