Neil Sperling, MD
Neil Sperling, MD
  • Manhattan
    36-A East 36th Street, New York 10016, NY


Dr. Sperling is an ENT.

Reviews (2)

  • Need ENT with experience in hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness

    Dr. Neil Sperling at the New York Otorhinolaryngology Group. They have a couple of offices in Manhattan (one on 36th St near the Morgan Library and one on the UWS, I believe). They have equipment and staff to do hearing tests on site, which is convenient (you'll probably get an appointment for a hearing test plus and appointment afterward for the initial appointment and also for checkups).
  • ISO: doctor for hearing loss/tinnitus

    Neil Sperling at the New York ENT Center: He's a little brisk, but very sharp and has an excellent reputation.