Neergaard Compounds
Neergaard Compounds


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Reviews (5)

  • ISO Greenwood/South Slope stores for holiday gifts

    Neergaard on 5th and 9th has a great selection of gifts for the stocking (candles, creams, swell bottles, etc). They also have a toy store upstairs.
  • Outdoor Flu Shot?

    Neergard on 7th is doing them and it was very quiet when I went, but I am sure they would let you wait outside (I just waited by the pharmacy counter while they checked my insurance) and when it's time for the shot you go into the back area and it's just you and the pharmacist who gives the shot- very fast.
  • Kid-friendly pharmacies for the flu shot?

    We went to Neergaard on 7th, last weekend. There was no wait (Although this was perhaps helped by it being a rainy day). The staff were patient and lovely, even though my son had a tough time with keeping his arm relaxed for the shot.
  • Pharmacies for toddler flu shots

    I just took my 5 year old to Neergaard on 7th ave today. It was no frills but easier than the pediatrician. He said he can do ages 4 and up.
  • Know any specialty pharmacies in Brooklyn?

    Neargaurd compounds, the one on 5th Ave by 9th St. We've used them several times, they know their stuff. They used to be open 24/7 and deliver. They have more typical business hours now, not sure if they still deliver.