Naturally Delicious Caterers
Naturally Delicious Caterers


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Reviews (5)

  • Caterer?

    I love Naturally Delicious they catered a 50th BD party for me, a baby shower and my sons’ double bar mitzvah last March. I work with Melissa she’s lovely patient and creative.
  • ISO: Caterer for Christmas

    Naturally Delicious! They are great caterers, I've used them 3 times, once for an in-home 50th BD party with passed food and entrees, once for an in-home wedding shower mostly light fare and once for my sons' bar mitzvah this past March at our synagogue. Ask for Melissa.
  • ISO: recommendation for a caterer for a small family gathering

    We used Naturally Delicious for my son's bris and we were very happy with them. Delicious food, great customer service. We have also had success with Mimi's in Dirmas Park- delicious middle eastern food.
  • Re: Passover dinner delivered?

    I know that Naturally delicious does deliveries not sure how much though. Good luck and happy Pesach!
  • (no subject)

    Naturally Delicious (caterer) always does a great Thanksgiving meal September 2012