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  • Re: switching nanny to monthly salary?

    If you are paying on the books, you have to pay weekly. It's NY state law. We use Nannychex as our payroll service for our part-time nanny. They only charge a $6.95 processing fee per payroll run, and they file the quarterly employer taxes for you. As far as coming up with rate, what we did was decide on a fair hourly rate, then how many hours per week, and we pay weekly. If there are weeks the nanny works overtime, we pay those hours owed in the next pay cycle. We pay the same weekly rate regardless of whether or not the nanny worked those hours. If we are on vacation or the kids are at camp, we pay the same rate week-to-week regardless. Every family's situation is unique, and this is what we felt is easiest and best for us and our nanny.