My Home Payroll
My Home Payroll


My Home Payroll is a family-owned and operated nanny tax service in New York, NY.  We offer immediate and in-person services that big firms, just can't offer.  We are dedicated to making the Nanny Tax an affordable afterthought.
We offer a variety of services including:
-Total Nanny Tax Solutions
-Seamlessly pay any domestic employee, nanny, etc.
-Backed by Intuit Payroll Software
-Remote Access to submit hourly wages from anywhere.
-We pay your employees by direct deposit.
-We pay your federal, state, and local taxes.
-We submit your quarterly and yearly filing obligations.
-We handle Workers' Compensation in your state.
-You spend more time with your family.


Reviews (2)

  • Summary of Tax Advisor/Software Recommendations fo...

    My Home Pay got the most recommendations for people that replied directly to my question. People's biggest "watch out" was the fees that they had to pay after making tax mistakes by trying to doing this process themselves.
  • Review for MyHome Payroll

    We’ve been using MyHome Payroll for 6 months and are really pleased with it. Nikki offers a really personal service (even coming to our home to help us get it set up). She explains things clearly and makes life so simple. Every week our nanny is paid directly into her bank account, our taxes are all filed and paid directly from our bank account by Nikki each quarter - it couldn’t be more straightforward. With a 3 year old and a newborn, I really can’t imagine having to sort out these things on top of everyday life! And our nanny is happy, she’s always paid on time and on the books, so she gets all the benefits that go with that. I’d strongly recommend working with Nikki.