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  • Review from the 2022 Party Survey

    MyGym was great. I would recommend them without hesitation for a party. The staff were fantastic and very helpful. Everything was well organized and the kids had lots of fun.
  • Toddler birthday party space recommendations

    We also attended a good 2nd birthday party at MyGym (the closest location is probably in park slope though).
  • Parent/Baby Classes?

    Try MyGym Cobble Hill. The instructors are fabulous and the kids really are all engaged!
  • Looking for classes for 20 month old in Park Slope

    MyGym (5th ave/5th street) is open, they have great classes for little ones.
  • ISO: Recs for Gymnastics class for 1 year old

    I highly, highly recommend MyGym on 5th Avenue (link at bottom of message). I have been going with my very enthusiastic 1 year old and he adores it - he literally starts thrashing his legs with excitement when we go into the lobby. The classes are awesome - very structured but with different activities every week and the teachers are super enthusiastic and energetic. They are following all CDC guidelines and it feels very clean and safe. We have never had a class more than 4 and twice we have actually had the whole gym to ourselves.
  • Winter, Covid, Indoor Playspaces, Podding and More

    We have brought our 7 month old to Mygym classes as well. Always the same high quality classes, kept very clean. Cannot say enough nice things about them either.
  • Winter, Covid, Indoor Playspaces, Podding and More

    I’d like to add MyGym onto the list! They have in person classes, as well as private rentals of the space in 30 minute increments. They’re fantastic and taking every precaution with lots of cleaning. Masks for kids 3 and up, max 7 kids and 7 adults in the space.
  • Shout Out for My Gym daily mini-camps

    I just wanted to do a shout out for My Gym on 5th Avenue. If your kids need a break from the sun - or you need a break from them - they are running mini camps from 12-2.30 Mon-Wed throughout August. They are indoors but numbers are very small, place is super clean and cleaned often, practice social distancing and temps taken/masks worn. My daughter was the only one there monday and had a great time still. The teachers are so lovely and its both physical and fun. You don't have to be a member and it $60 a session (cheaper if you book more than one). I have no affiliation with them. My daughter has gone there for a couple of years (and learnt many a skill from them) and they did an amazing job offering fab virtual classes (which they continue to offer) through the pandemic. I just want them to survive.
  • August birthday party ideas?

    Went to a party at MyGym recently and it was really fun for the kids! They are turnkey and do everything for you too. (June 2019)
  • Class recs?

    We just joined My Gym at the Park Slope location . Schedule a free class and join us in the waddlers at 12 on Tuesday . It’s ENTIRELY TOO much fun and adorable and awesome and really helps these babies build their strength for walking etc. your child is guaranteed to lose their mind in there. (September 2019)
  • Class recs?

    we just discovered My Gym on 5th ave which damn near blew my baby’s mind it was so fun. They offer a free trial class and take babies from 6 weeks up! (September 2019)
  • Class recs?

    We are in Park Slope so we choose what's convenient for us, but we've gone to classes at My Gym and Gymboree. They're different enough you could go to both. We go to My Gym more often since it's closer and I like the carpeted floors there, it just feels nice inside. (September 2019)
  • August camps/ideas

    You might look into MyGym which is doing a new drop in "camp" this summer: three hours every day (12-3pm, which may not be ideal if your daughter has an afternoon nap). $50 per session and you can sign up for as many sessions as you need on specific days. My daughter has been doing a weekly class at My Gym for about a year and both she and we adore it -- the staff is wonderful. Their website says it starts at 3 years old but my sense is that they'll take slightly younger kids as long as they're potty trained.
  • Birthday party at MyGym or NY Kids Club?

    we had a party for my daughter when she turned 2 at My Gym and it was great. There were older kids there as well and they also enjoyed it. The kids were entertained and they take care of nearly everything. We recommend it!
  • Birthday Party Spots

    Did one at My Gym (5th ave in south slope around 6th st) and my daughter loved it! That is pretty well programmed, the instructors keep the kids busy for all but 30 minutes and then you do pizza and cake downstairs.
  • [Fall2015Babies] Gym/Dance/Movement classes?

    Ditto to my gym!
  • [Fall2015Babies] Gym/Dance/Movement classes?

    Seconding Mark Morris and My Gym. Very different things though and Mark Morris is way cheaper. Registration opens this Monday, so I would suggest scouting out the class you want and pouncing!
  • [Fall2015Babies] Gym/Dance/Movement classes?

    We also love my gym!
  • [Fall2015Babies] Gym/Dance/Movement classes?

    We love My Gym on 5th & 5th!