Katie Mullins - Music with Miss Katie
Katie Mullins - Music with Miss Katie


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Reviews (3)

  • Recommendation: birthday party singer!

    Posting a recommendation for an amazing birthday party entertainer, Katie Mullins. She performed at our daughter's 3rd birthday yesterday. She was super kind and fun with kids and adults, and to my amazement - she kept ten three year olds engaged, dancing, or shaking for 45 minutes with her songs and interactive stories. She brought a parachute that I thought would never fit in our living room, but it worked and was the biggest hit with the kids. My daughter was SO happy, I had to share.
  • Review of Music with Miss Katie

    Miss Katie performed at my son's 3rd birthday party at JJ Byrne, and she was fantastic. The space wasn't enclosed and I was worried that the kids might start to wander away. But as soon as Miss Katie started playing, she had all the kids wrapped around her finger. She had a mini microphone and speaker that was attached to her belt, so it was easy for everyone to hear her, even outdoors. In fact, lots of kids that weren't in the party gathered around to listen as well. The kids loved that she brought shakers so that they could make music, too! And one of the best parts was when the kids sat in the middle of a parachute and the parents pulled them around in a circle, singing Wheels on the Bus. Miss Katie was professional and easy to work with. She had communicated with me ahead of time and asked about my son's favorite songs so that she could create a playlist that he loved. She was in close communication about her arrival time and payment. One note: Miss Katie was more expensive than other singers that I reached out to, but it was worth it.
  • Music classes, sing alongs, birthday parties

    My 3 children (ages 1 to 4) have had music classes with Miss Katie and loved them. She plays the guitar, ukulele and other instruments. She has instruments for the kids too. She really makes the kids sing and dance. I also saw her at 2 parties and kids and parents had lots of fun.