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Reviews (3)

  • Review from the 2019–2020 Daycare, Preschool, Pre-K, and K Survey

    Type of facility: Kindergarten Review: We have been thrilled with Muse Academy's rigorous COVID safety protocols that have allowed full-time in-person learning since September 2020. The super-small kindergarten class has been wonderful for our peace of mind during a pandemic, and the individualized attention my daughter has received has improved her reading skills by leaps and bounds in just a few months. This is my daughter's third year at Muse Academy and we appreciate it more than ever this year. Amenities offered: Has after-school options
  • muse academy

    Great choice! Wasn’t my plan to attend either but we did and my daughter has been in 1st since September. She loves it.
  • Review for Muse Academy

    I just wanted to send a personal review for my daughter's wonderful Pre-K program at Muse Academy. We decided to join Muse somewhat last minute (because we wanted an in-person option for Pre-K) and have been blown away by what a great experience this year has been for her. The teachers are incredibly creative, fun and loving. The music and arts curriculum is phenomenal; my daughter has been teaching me about the "string family" and Keith Haring. And she is also getting a solid academic foundation, learning her letters and foundational pre-literacy skills, math and science, and great social emotional development. The school leadership is extremely responsive and attentive, and has done an exemplary job keeping the school community safe during COVID. They are transparent and supportive, not something I can say for other schools we have attended in the past. We feel like we have stumbled upon a gem, and I wanted to share our experience with the PSP community. I'm happy to discuss with anyone considering Muse. I believe they are still taking students for this academic year, and enrollment is open for 2021-2022.