Mt. Sinai Brooklyn Heights Medical Group
Mt. Sinai Brooklyn Heights Medical Group


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Reviews (5)

  • Brooklyn recommendations for primary care physician

    My wife and I have really liked the Mt. Sinai practice in Brooklyn Heights at One Pierrepoint Plaza. My primary care physician left the practice recently, but we have only had good experiences with them for our routine healthcare needs. They have a bunch of specialists at that location, so it's been convenient if you need care beyond a PCP - they were great when I had to diagnose and treat a shoulder injury and for my wife's obstetrician appointments during her pregnancies.
  • Recommendations for a great GP?

    My husband and I recently started seeing doctors at the Mount Sinai offices in Brooklyn Heights. I like the practice a lot and have seen Dr. Passias who is great.
  • Pediatrician Recommendations - South Slope

    Dr. Aravov at Mt. Sinai Brooklyn Heights is terrific! I like the whole practice and they have onsite labs and urgent care.
  • Re: Kind of hate my pediatrician? Venting and looking for advice

    A little further afield, but we go to the pediatrics practice at Mt Sinai Brooklyn Heights near Jay St Metrotech. We see the lovely Dr Rita Aronov, who is terrific, but there are three other great docs there too. Never had an issue calling after hours if we were concerned about something - including on New Years Eve. And they have a lab there too so you never have to go elsewhere for blood draws, etc. it's great!
  • happy with this medical practice

    As there may be others who are looking for new doctors due to changes in insurance, I would like to recommend the Mt. Sinai Brooklyn Heights Medical Group. I have started with a new internist, Dr. Emily Taylor, and just consulted with Dr. Christine Tennyson to set up a screening colonoscopy. I felt very comfortable with both of them. My husband saw an orthopedist there and was happy with his care. Very convenient, right near every subway line downtown.