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Mr. Simon Music


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Reviews (3)

  • Entertainment for 3 year old birthday party

    We hired Mr. Simon to play music for our kid’s third birthday party in Prospect Park last summer and it was great. He was also the music teacher at our former daycare (before we left for 3K) so we already knew that he was great with kids. Here’s his website if you’re interested:
  • Review from the 2022 Party Survey

    Mr. Simon was so fun! It was also very helpful to have him there to pace the party. I would equate it to having a day-of wedding planner - he’s done hundreds of kid parties so he knows how to make it flow smoothly better than most parents do. He was on time and very easy to work with.
  • Music Teacher for Baby Birthday Party??

    We’ve been to a few birthday parties (including one of our own) that had Mr. Simon and he was fantastic! I thought it was particularly helpful to have him because he helps you keep the pace of the party right. He knows when to crank it up and get the kids all dancing and then when it’s time to sing happy birthday and start to wrap it up.