Mr. Rodolfo Velazquez
Mr. Rodolfo Velazquez


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Reviews (3)

  • Re: ISO recommendation for carpenter to make radiator covers

    I highly recommend Rodolfo Velazquez. He's completed a number of carpentry projects for us. He's reliable, diligent and offers really reasonable rates.
  • Re: ISO: Window AC Installation/Handyman Service

    We installed our larger unit in a permanently with plexi-glass. I highly recommend this approach if your unit motor is large enough. We take our smaller units out every season (their motors are weaker and it can cause problems to leave them in--motors can seize up). In either case, I highly recommend using --- Rodolfo 646-894-4301
  • Enthusiastic recommendation for tile work (+general construction, handyman)

    I would very much like to enthusistically recommend Mr. Rodolfo Velazquez for tile work and any general construction, handyman needs. I had the pleasure to work with him today to fix a 2 yr old massive hole in my bathroom travertine-tiled floor.He showed up promptly, brought all the supplies necessary (even going so far to match the grout that I used & going to Lowes to get it before the job even started) and worked 4 hours over his original estimate to fix the issue--perfectly. He stuck with his original estimate and did not cut corners to finish faster. We are even talking about new jobs already! (Feb 2014)