Jen Clarke - Move. Run. Play.
Jen Clarke - Move. Run. Play.


Move. Run. Play.

Coaching and training for adults of all ages and fitness levels. We offer outdoor classes and running groups in Prospect Park, and customizable personal training.

We help busy, overworked women prioritize themselves, rediscover their inner athlete, and move like a kid does—with joy, energy, and freedom—through outdoor, non-competitive, group workouts that focus on FUN.

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Use the code PSP to get 20% off of the None-to-Run 8-week Beginner Running Group, Run Club, Sunrise HIIT, or a personal training session.

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Reviews (12)

  • Walk / Run group for Beginners Starting Soon!

    I want to give a plug for Jen Clarke and her amazing run group. I joined the 8 week none-to-run last fall - when I saw an ad in PSP actually! I had tried running many times in the past and even completed a half marathon in 2019 (and hurt myself because I didn't train properly) but never actually ENJOYED IT. I am as shocked as anyone else who knows me to say that I now truly love running - and it's really thanks to the support from Jen and the camaraderie with the all of my novice running buddies. I have now graduated to the "big kids" run group and look forward to the Wednesday and Saturday sessions all week. I really encourage anyone of any speed/level/body type to try it out if you're curious. Jen makes running fun for everyone!
  • Seeking early morning fitness classes - 5am or 6am - any recommendations?

    And another recommendation for Jen. I have been going for a few years now and she pushes you and makes them enjoyable at sunrise!
  • Seeking early morning fitness classes - 5am or 6am - any recommendations?

    I second the recommendation for Jen's classes. I've been doing them since the fall and they're super fun and a good workout!
  • Seeking early morning fitness classes - 5am or 6am - any recommendations?

    Jen Clarke with Move Run Play offers early morning HIIT workouts in Prospect Park. She’s great!
  • Half Marathon Training for Beginner

    Jen Clarke at Move. Run. Play. IG: @moverunplay Have been using her various offerings for years. No personal interest.
  • Outdoor exercise classes?

    Just to second Jen Clarke. I did her none to run club and I found the workout on par with what I need and felt so good after the workouts. I felt so out of shape when I started, but I saw a big improvement. I also could gear down on the days when I had been up with a teething baby the night before. It was just the right amount of push more me. I like it so much I am going to try and start adding her HIIT workouts into my routine. She usually lets people do drop-ins before they sign up so you can probably test it out first.
  • Move.Run.Play.

    I joined Jen's None-to-Run group having never run before. Jen was the most encouraging coach, the women in the group were so supportive of each other, and her run program got me to run my first 5K before my 51st bday. I'd recommend this group to anyone who'd thought about running but didn't know where to start.
  • Move Run Play

    I started running again about 10 months after my daughter was born. Jen's group was instrumental in helping me build back confidence and strength in a consistent way, and it's been such a welcome source of motivation and camaraderie ever since.
  • Move. Run. Play. Jen Clarke

    I have always hated running and have never completed a mile without walking until I did Jen's none-to-run group. It got me outside and moving and motivated and for the first time in my life, currently 54, I am able to run a mile without walking. I recommend highly.
  • Move.Run.Play

    Over a period of eight years, I have spent many rejuvenating hours with Jen Clarke leading her classes into HIIT and running workouts. Her programs are refreshing and innovative and engaging. She manages to drive even those of us who loath exercising to healthy outcomes.
  • [CP] Sunrise Holiday HIIT classes for women of all fitness levels

    Adding on with another recommendation for Jen’s Sunrise HIIT classes! Her classes have been a life saver for me over the past few years and are appropriate for all ages, abilities and personalities. It’s a legitimately great way to start the day and Jen is a great motivator.
  • [CP] Sunrise Holiday HIIT classes for women of all fitness levels

    Putting in a strong recommendation for Jen's early morning exercise classes! I was not a group class person until I tried one of her classes many years ago in an effort to get some strengthening in. Jen's classes are fun and supportive (but not in an annoying way). Women with all kinds of fitness level, injuries, etc. work out together, and it feels great to be done before my day really starts. Plus, my fitness level and strength have definitely improved from her classes!