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Reviews (33)

  • Entertainment for 3 year old birthday party

    We love Jesse of Moozika! We hired him for our daughter’s 3rd birthday. He has great kid songs, brings puppets, instruments for the kids, and a parachute, and he’s also just a lovely human.
  • Baby Music Classes?

    Our son (13 months) has really enjoyed AudraRox and Moozika.
  • Music Teacher for Baby Birthday Party??

    Jesse @ Moozika [recommended without full review]
  • Bday party entertainment recos

    I want to second Jesse! He was wonderful and the kids had a blast: songs, puppets, parachute, bubbles, and lots of merriment
  • Bday party entertainment recos

    We hired Jesse Goldman from Moozika for our 3 year old daughter’s party this spring and he was a huge hit! We attended his classes pre pandemic and always found him warm, funny, charming and a great musician to boot. He has his own silly kid songs, but also plays the favorites and takes requests, and he has lots of props (drums, parachute, puppets, you name it). Since our party, a couple other families we know have hired him and have also sung his praises.
  • Shout out for Moozika!

    We LOVE this class… just wanted to share info and give Jesse from Moozika a well deserved shoutout!
  • Birthday party entertainer?

    Another plug for Jesse from moozika! You can text his cell on his website.
  • Birthday party entertainer?

    We just had Moozika at my sons park birthday. He was great.
  • In person classes for M-W-F

    We do classes on Wednesday's with Moozika :
  • Thoughts on 2’s class

    My two year old and my four year old adore Jesse from Moozika. This is the only online class they do from start to finish (if they had a snack before it starts...). They love the music and the interaction and watching the other kids dance around. Having said that, I have to be there of course, or they will start to tamper with the computer...sigh If you want to have a taste of what Jesse is doing, he started a YouTube channel at the beginning of lock down, before switching to Zoom classes:
  • Shout-out for Moozika music class, with Zoom sessions starting up

    One of the saving graces of quarantine for my kids has been Jesse Goldman’s music classes, Moozika, which have featured super engaging and creative YouTube videos for the last eight weeks. If you haven’t seen the videos, they’re awesome! You can find a link on Jesse’s site here: Jesse is launching Zoom classes for kids ages 0-5 (different sessions for different ages, with siblings welcome) starting next week - definitely worth checking out! Both my kids, ages 1 and almost 5, love Jesse’s music (which is a mix of English and Spanish, all original work). We’ve never taken an in-person class before (though they’re offered locally), just engaged with him on YouTube so far, and they think he’s awesome! You can find the info for the Zoom classes on his website, as well. Just wanted to pass along as a possible online music class option for those who are looking for something new as Quarantine continues...
  • Hello

    [My son] really loves the Moozika class on youtube, not so much social interaction but so fun to watch. And it’s a class he can go back to when things go back to normal.
  • shout out for on-line kids books and music...

    Hope you are all staying healthy and strong. This is just a quick shout-out to a couple virtual programs that might brighten yours and you kids' days. My son's music teacher, Moozika! He's writing and recording new songs from his apartment - making us laugh and cry :
  • Music Classes

    Seconding Moosika. Our 14 mo old goes every Thursday afternoon at Monkey Do! Yoga. She loves it and our nanny does too. We also have liked Baby in Tune for mom/parent and baby (not great for nannies/caregivers). and Hopalong Andrew and Lavender Blues are both great for drop ins throughout the week.
  • Music Classes

    We went to a session of Moozika and it was awesome. Jesse has great energy and legit music skills. We'd go weekly but our kiddo is in daycare now. There are classes on Waverly & Myrtle on Wed, Thu, and Fri, and in Park Slope on Wednesdays too.
  • 2018 Review

    We just had my daughter’s 2nd Birthday a few weeks ago and had Jessie from Moozika perform. He is great! Very fun and engaging for the children. He plays guitar and has some extra stuff for the kids to play with like puppets, a little parachute, instruments and bubbles. He was a huge hit! Also very responsive and easy to book which makes life very easy. I would highly recommend. I believe I paid $270.
  • 2018 Birthday Party Review

    Jesse was fantastic. He arrived on time, came with lots of instruments and other props. He entertained a group of kids ranging from ages 2 to 5.
  • Recommendation for Moozika

    I started bringing my daughter to Moozika when she was 3 months old. She loved it even then-- we heard her first full-on laugh while in class. Jesse made her feel welcome, even though she was the youngest kid there by several months. Now, at 9 months old, she gets so excited to clap and dance and bang the instruments every week. Jesse's constantly-changing repertoire of songs, as well as his commitment to bilingual (English and Spanish) teaching is very impressive. Highly highly recommended!
  • [Winter2016Babies] Favorite toddler classes?

    We love Moozika! The teacher, Jesse, is so engaged and fun. His classes are packed but he still manages to know every kid's name and interact with everyone. Review submitted 8/2017
  • [PSPStayAtHomeParents] Favorite toddler class?

    Moozika with Jesse is very sweet. (submitted 8/2017)
  • Moozika! music class

    My two kids (6 mos) and (2 years) have attended a few sessions of Moozika! music class - taught by the warm and talented Jesse Goldman - and they love it! Each week is different, thoroughly entertaining and creative - engaging for parents and kids [...] highly recommended.
  • Review from Kids Birthday and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Survey - 2016

    Age of child: 3 Entertainment Type: musician Review: Totally and utterly amazing. The kids were enthralled.
  • Re: Weekend music classes/singalongs for preschooler in North/Central Sl

    Check out Moozika! We loved it when my son was 2 might still be great for a 3.5 year old, at least you can try a class.
  • Recommendation for Moozika

    Jesse and I were classmates in grad school several years back, and so when he told me he’d started a music class for little ones I knew it was a great fit. My 16-months-old boy and I signed up for the fall Moozika class at the Park Slope location, and indeed it quickly became our favorite activity of the week. It’s 45 minutes of singing, dancing and laughing, in which we meet puppets, play some unique musical instruments such as scarves, shakers and drums, learn some Spanish on the way and much more. Jesse is a natural with the kids - he blends familiar tunes with original songs that became some of my son’s favorites, he brings his groovy and fun energy to the class and it’s easy to see he truly enjoys every minute of it.
  • Review for Moozika

    I highly recommend Jesse Goldman's Moozika classes. I've taken my music-meh boys to many different classes and by far, Moozika is their favorite. Jesse has a really relaxed vibe to everything and my kids immediately felt very welcome. Jesse plays many different instruments and sings in a couple different languages. He also utilizes the parents/caretakers very well too.
  • Moozika review / recommendation

    I highly recommend the Moozika kids music classes for babies and toddlers. The teacher, Jesse, is so talented and is absolutely amazing with the kids. We have been going to his classes for about a year now and can't express how much we love it. My 3 year old loves it so much that we had Jesse do a music session at his 3rd birthday party and I had lots of people asking where and when his classes were after the party. We've done pretty much all the major music programs here in Park Slope and this one is by far the best - the most engaging for the kids (and I think the most entertaining for the parents and nannies!). Can't say enough about it!
  • Moozika review

    Moozika is a great, great class, whether you're looking for a drop-in or a regular class. We started bringing my son in when he was about 14 months old, and he loved all the different instruments and kinds of activities. The instructor, Jesse, is so good with kids of all ages (he learned everybody's names instantly and always remembers us, even though we don't go to classes regularly!). He brings a different exotic instrument to every class, so the kids get exposed to a lot of different sounds and cultures. Can't recommend this program highly enough!
  • Review of Moozika

    Just wanted to post a positive review for Moozika kids' music classes. Jesse Goldman was fantastic with my kids, ages 4 and 2, and his music is really fun, even for adults. He brings out instruments, including ones from around the world that we've never seen, and completely captures the kids' attention. My kids truly love him. Thank you! Not affiliated with the program, just a very happy customer.
  • Review of Moozika!

    My son, almost 2, has been attending Jesse's Moozika class since he was 6 months old. The class is the highlight of his week. Jesse is fantastic with the children, engaging them with original songs, instruments, dancing, and other props. Jesse keeps a lot of the same songs in rotation so that the kids learn the music, but each class is unique and different. He knows all of the children's names and makes sure everyone is involved, even the more reserved children. My son talks about Jesse during the week and says "Jesse!" every time he sees a guitar. We just had our second child and look forward to having him learn from and enjoy Moozika! I highly recommend Jesse's class to anyone looking for a great, low key experience for their young ones.
  • Recommendation for Moozika Classes

    I just want to highly recommend Jesse's Moozika Music Classes. They are fun and engaging for all toddlers! Both of my daughters have done a session or two and they had a great time! Then couldn't wait to go back and sign more of Jesse's songs! Great addition to the neighborhood! He has several Brooklyn locations and time to accommodate almost any nap schedule. And he does birthday parties too as we just found out!
  • Shout out for Moozika classes

    I wanted to give a shout out for "Moozika" classes, run by Jesse Goldman, since a new session is about to start. We are long time fans of the class, which has a nice mix of fun, original songs and activities to go with the music (waving scarves, banging on drums, puppets, etc.). As a Spanish speaker, I especially like having some songs in Spanish in the mix. My son (1.5y) is always asking us to sing the songs at home, and lately has started exclaiming "Jesse! Jesse!" during the week... He is a BIG fan. Full disclosure, Jesse and I were work colleagues briefly in his past life as a community organizer, but I have no conflict of interest - just happy to have found a class with nice energy and fun music. (Reviewed March 2015)
  • Music class for 1 year old?

    I second Moozika! We loved it!
  • Music class for 1 year old?

    Try Moozika. Jesse Goldman is a great teacher and musician and writes a lot of the songs himself, in English, Spanish and French.