Pasticceria Monteleone BK
Pasticceria Monteleone BK



Reviews (5)

  • Review from the 2022 Party Survey

    Recommended without full review
  • Review from the 2022 Party Survey

    We had a custom cake made by Monteleone pastry. It was great!!!!
  • Ricotta Cheesecake

    The ricotta cheesecake at Monteleone Bakery in Carroll Gardens is terrific. I've brought them to many potlucks / dinner parties and it's always been a hit. They have two different sizes and the prices are pretty reasonable. Enjoy!!!
  • 2018 Birthday Party Review

    Cake from Monteleone's bakery in Carroll Gardens. Their cakes are delicious and cheap! They also don't require much advance notice
  • Review from Kids Birthday and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Survey - 2016

    Age of child: 2 Birthday Cake Type: a photo or theme cake Birthday Cake Review: It was great! The cake was delicious, inexpensive and everyone loved it. The photo quality wasn't great but I was ok with it.