Monkey Do! Yoga
Monkey Do! Yoga


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Reviews (7)

  • Where are the local business gyms you love?

    Curu's capoeira at Monkey Do Yoga. (January 2020)
  • Classes for your babies?

    We plan to do The Sparrow Sisters at Monkey Do Yoga on Monday mornings. We went there with my first - they are great!! (September 2019)
  • 2018 Birthday Party Review

    The venue was pretty small and a bit smelly and they didnt give me a heads up that my guests would need to remove their shoes (sort of obvious in hindsight but still...). That said, it has a nice little backyard, some toys and climbing things for the little ones and the people are lovely.
  • [Winter2016Babies] Indoor play gyms?

    Monkey Do in Gowanus has afternoon open play on Sundays (and maybe other times) which we recently tried. It was fun for [my child], but much more of a baby scene.
  • Shout-out - Family yoga at Monkey Do, on Sunday mornings

    A few months ago, I posted in search of a family yoga class that I could take with my 8 year-old. It seemed that the neighborhood was full of Mommy & Me classes for babies and toddlers, and drop-off classes for older children, but nothing we could do together (and I wanted to get a yoga class in while on weekend kid duty ;) ) I received quite a few emails from parents who were looking for something similar, and in response to the demand, Marni at Monkey Do yoga in Gowanus decided to put together a monthly series. My 8 year-old and I took the first class on Sunday and we both had a blast. The teacher was really playful and fun, and she incorparated a lot of partner work, games and some quite challenging balances. I highly recommend it for parents with kids aged around 4-8, and really hope more people will sign up to make the classes a more frequent offering!
  • Shout-out for Monkey Do Yoga

    I wanted to share my great experience at the new family yoga studio on 3rd ave called Monkey Do. They offer classes for babies thru teens. My Toddler Yoga class was so wonderful I wanted to let others know about this unique yoga studio. Most Mommy and Me Yoga classes I found in Bkln capped off when babies turn into toddlers, leaving this mom very creaky since I prefer to not use my babysitter/work time to take an adult yoga class. At Monkey Do, I got in a genuine yoga class, while my 22 month old daughter semi-participated in the songs and poses. Both the instructor and owner have toddlers themselves, so they were great at keeping an eye on my daughter when she did stray off. Mostly though, when she was not participating, she kept herself busy looking in the floor-to-ceiling mirrors, running around, playing in a small playhouse, or climbing under my legs or feeding me Cheerios during my floor poses. The studio is clean and bright and they have a nice new back yard where they will hold outdoor classes come spring. Next up, maybe I can recruit my teenaage son to take a teen class. I have no relationship to them but wanted to spread the word to other creaky moms!
  • Shout out to Monkey Do Yoga and play space

    I just went to the open play at "Monkey Do" yoga/play space with my toddler and wanted to let others know how great it is! It is a big newly renovated room with lots of space for kids to run and play, and interesting interactive toys. My daughter had a wonderful time and the owner (a local Mom) could not have been more accommodating. They are located at 3rd avenue between Carroll and President. I hope this business thrives and want to help get the word out! (I am in no way affiliated with this business but am incredibly excited to have it so close by!)