Mona Gabbay, MD
Mona Gabbay, MD


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  • OB/Gyn/Lactation Consultants/Peds knowledgeable about low milk supply

    I used Dr. Gabbay, when I had my second child. My OB, several lactation consultants, and even an ENT for tongue tie only helped marginally. She makes house calls, and was able to diagnose and treat the problem.
  • OB/Gyn/Lactation Consultants/Peds knowledgeable about low milk supply

    Mona Gabbay is an internal medicine doctor who specializes in breastfeeding. She comes to your home. I’ve consulted her for two babies and she was great both times.
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    With my firstborn I consulted with Dr. Mona Gabbay when I had really extreme difficulties breastfeeding my daughter. She is both an MD and a ICBLS and is a gem. I reached out to her with my second baby too and she came to make sure everything was on track lactation-wise, and she remembered me from 5 years prior! I think of her as the "big guns" of lactation issues and I think she might not need to consult on most cases, but if anyone is really struggling with mastitis or extended difficulty feeding or extremely injured nipples she is really just the absolute best.
  • ISO Lactation Consultant (for induced lactation)

    Have you been in touch with Dr. Gabbay? She helped my wife and me think through induced lactation and has a lot of expertise in that area.
  • Experience with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and/or dyscalculia?

    I recommend Mona Gabbay, the “breastfeeding doctor” (google her). I saw her when my supply dropped, and ended up using a low dose of domperidone for some time. I had a friend in London buy some for me (it’s over the counter there, and used for GI stuff), and I also ordered some from a pharmacy in New Zealand or Australia. All was fine.
  • Experience with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and/or dyscalculia?

    I saw Dr Mona Gabbay ( about 3-3.5 years old with my little one when she was about 6ish months at the time and Dr Gabbay prescribed domperidone. It was a miracle for me. My production skyrocketed and was sustained until I weaned at 13 months. I didn’t experience any side effects whatsoever but certainly encourage you to do your own research. For me it was exactly what I needed and allowed me to continue breastfeeding in the way that I wanted. Good luck. Dr Gabbay was lovely and provided a lot of options to pursue so highly recommend. She did home visits at the time.
  • re: [PSPDads] Lactation Consultant

    Mona was excellent too [...] [She did not take] insurance directly, but we put in a claim for out of network coverage and got some of the money back.
  • Re: Doctors – mastitis/lactation complications ?

    Dr. Mona Gabbay is a lovely doctor who specializes in breast feeding and lactation issues. When I saw her 4 years ago for my daughter (with very similar problems to what you're describing) she made house calls. She didn't take my insurance but it was so worth it. Google her and call right away! Good luck!
  • Re: name of an MD who specializes in breastfeeding issues?

    Not covered by insurance, but worth the money if you can swing it.
  • Re: name of an MD who specializes in breastfeeding issues?

    She is wonderful!
  • (no subject)

    I worked with Dr. Mona Gabbay, She was a lifesaver for me--calm, instilled confidence and really knowledgable. She's a doc and lactation consultant. her site is Her number is 914-632-7999. Sometimes it's hard to get in touch with her but she's great. I've also heard good things about Hilda. August 2012