Misfits Market
Misfits Market


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Reviews (2)

  • Alternative to Fresh Direct?

    Misfits and Imperfect Foods are our go tos. You have to think ahead and deal with their availability - which is usually great in my opinion. I can’t stand that I have to shop without a reusable bag at all, but at least I’m rescuing food. Imperfect takes back the frozen packs, silver freezer bags and plastic bubble wrap (used for eggs) so all is not lost!
  • Winter CSA share or aggregated "farm delivery" service

    I have been very happy with Misfits Market during the pandemic- it’s national, not local, but they recover “ugly” or overstock produce that would normally be trashed. They are customizable which is awesome (so you don’t end up with several weeks worth of kohlrabi rotting in your fridge), and you can pick your delivery day. You can skip weeks too if you need to. Also, they expanded their workforce early in the pandemic and paid their crew extra/hazard pay which I appreciated from a human angle. I know this sounds like a commercial but I was really so incredibly grateful to have an option for fresh produce (and extras!) delivered to my family early in the pandemic when other options were limited/nonexistent, and we were staying home as much as possible.