Miriam (Park Slope)
Miriam (Park Slope)


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Reviews (6)

  • Pancakes and outdoor seating

    My daughter is a fan of the pancakes at Miriams and they have some lovely outdoor seating.
  • Rosh Hoshanah dinner

    Miriam in Park Slope is doing a Rosh Hashanah dinner: We did their Passover one in April and it was amazing and a great deal.
  • Miriam food delivery

    Local favorite restaurant Miriam has reopened as a home delivery service (and will have pantry items as well as cooked food): I'm not affiliated with Miriam, just a big fan of their food (and their owner is always first to respond to donation requests for all local school fundraisers so I want to return the support.)
  • Catering Recs?

    Miriam's! Their food is delicious. They've catered from my mother in-law's multiple large dinners at home to as weddings and other large events. Reach out to Rafi the owner, feel free to tell him i sent you. (October 2019)
  • Caterer/Restaurant for Baby Shower + Desserts?

    Miriam's! Amazing food. My mother in law has catered several events from them, large and small, and her friend just catered some pre-wedding event I believe. They may be able to help with desert, although not sure about cupcakes or cakes.
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    Discussed on our Baby Groups as a place to meet.