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Reviews (4)

  • Macarons in Brooklyn?

    Mille-Feuille in Prospect Heights (Vanderbilt and Prospect Place) has amazing macarons (and lots of other nice pastries and bread!)
  • La Colombe coffee in the neighborhood?

    Mille-Feuille on Vanderbilt in Prospect Heights had Colombe coffee (and amazing breads and pastries!!)
  • Whole wheat flour

    We ordered some last weekend for delivery from Mille-feuille to support my partner's adventures in bread baking. They also had rye flour. I believe they've since opened for pickup as well. And while I'm at it will put in a plug for their delicious pastries and baked goods! It was a nice weekend treat for us.
  • Fruit / treats basket delivery?

    Millefeuille is offering delivery -- they are small (3 NYC shops) and family-owned. You can make your own treat basket with them! They just opened their first Brooklyn location in January in Prospect Heights. I can highly recommend their baguettes, pastries (chausson au pommes is what I live for, but the croissants and pain au chocolate are equally delicious) and macarons, along with everything else. As to the macarons, my our family has tried every macaron purveyor in NYC. These are the best. They taste just like our favorites from Paris (my spouse is French, and we've both lived there), from Pierre Hermé. Come to find out the Millefeuille owner/chef trained at Pierre Hermé! You can get 21 macarons for $30, which is a steal. But really everything is excellent