Michal Tziyon, LCSW
Michal Tziyon, LCSW


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Reviews (3)

  • Therapist Recommendation

    Michal Tziyon was extremely helpful to us after we separated, and even post-divorce. She was really able to help each of us understand and work on our shortcomings without making either of us feel favored in any way. She was essential in helping us improve our co-parenting relationship.
  • therapist for divorced parents?

    We love Michal Tziyon. We saw her pre- and post-divorce. In fact, I wish we’d seen her back when we first started therapy. Neither of us ever had the sense that she was taking sides and she helped us work through difficult issues to become better co-parents.
  • 2018 Review

    I wish we had found Michal Tziyon while we were still married. My ex and I continue to go to therapy post-separation and divorce to have a safe forum to discuss co-parenting issues, and to have a person in the room to call either of us on our bullshit. She’s amazing and she takes some insurance.