Michael Tartaglia, MFP, RFC, EA - Strategic Tax Planners, LLC
Michael Tartaglia, MFP, RFC, EA - Strategic Tax Planners, LLC


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  • Review Submitted March 2024

    I hired Mike Tartaglia in 2022, after I got audited because my last accountant made an odd mistake. Initially, he was fine and reasonably priced. However, after experiencing a sharp increase in fees, when I first asked him to explain what his rates were going to be going forward, I found him very defensive. He seemed to consider it an insult to be asked to talk about his rates. although he knew that I wasn't well off. This year, I wrote to clarify what I could expect to pay for this year's tax return, because earlier in the year he had predicted a certain additional charge if a specific tax form needed to be filed - and now I knew that it wouldn't need to be. To my shock, he wrote back an email - much of which was in all caps - telling me that I would be lucky to find someone like him for less than his rates, and quoting, without explanation, a fee that amounted to a 30 percent increase on last year. He also complained that last year I had accidentally sent some documents to the wrong one of his two business addresses. That's true, but I had apologized profusely at the time. Now, he seemed to think it appropriate to resurrect that occurrence as some kind of justification for being rude and for a sharp increase in rates. Thinking he was having a bad day, I emailed back politely asking for clarification, and received another all-caps, angry email. I suspect that my being a woman of modest means has something to do with the disrespectful treatment I suffered from him, but of course I can't read his mind. I just feel obligated to warn others that this is how he treated me, and presumably may treat other clients.
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    I just started using Mike Tartaglia at Strategic Tax Planners LLC, thanks to a parent on this forum, and he’s been great. And reasonably priced.