Michael Hair Salon
Michael Hair Salon


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Reviews (9)

  • Kids' stylist for curly hair?

    Diana at Michael’s Salon did a nice job on my daughter’s curls. She gets lots of compliments.
  • Outdoor haircut?

    Michael Hair Salon on 9th St does outdoor haircuts in their nice backyard.
  • DevaCut or similar recommendation in Park Slope

    I’ve had my hair cut by Diana at Michael’s Hair Studio on 9th St, just off 7th Ave a couple of times. She’s been trained in the Deva technique & uses Deva products. She really listens to you and does her best to give you what you want. I was happy with the result and, she can cut your hair outside, if you wish.
  • Outdoor haircuts?

    Yay for Betty! She’s great.
  • Outdoor haircuts?

    I went back in the PSP archives looking for outdoor hair salon recommendations (since I don't have a backyard someone can come to) and found this. Just want to say thank you for the Michael's Hair Salon recommendation! I went today and it was great. They are still using the yard if anybody else is looking for an outdoor cut. Betty cut my hair and she was excellent (and was able to manage my thick, curly hair) so thought I'd leave a shout out here. I'd highly recommend her!
  • Outdoor haircuts?

    My husband and daughter had their hair cut outside by Michael Hair Salon on 9th St near the library.
  • ISO haircut recommendation in North Slope?

    I'm not sure this qualifies as North Slope, but I always go to Diane at Michael Hair Salon on 9th Street. Michael has set themselves up with a really nice outdoor garden area and wear masks so I felt really safe - they can also cut your hair dry or wet, so if you don't want to go in to get your hair washed you don't have to. My hair was long and scraggly (and thinning, too - ugh) after months of no cuts and she gave me a super-cute curly bob that I totally love. I wholeheartedly recommend! I bet they'll even have outside heaters by now.
  • [Fall2016babies] Help! I need hairdresser recommendations!

    Crazy how something like a haircut now seems like a huge indulgence, right? I’ve been to Michael’s on 7 avenue by Methodist Hospital twice, just for a trim and blow dry, nothing super fancy, but it was reasonable and I was happy with the cut. I can’t remember who did it, I just called and asked who was good with short hair. Hope you find someone great !
  • my husband needs a haircut!

    My husband gets great haircuts from Gabriel at Michael Hair Studio on 7th avenue and I think 8th street. In fact he has been going to Gabriel since before we were married, and if not for Gabriel's intervention on his hairstyle, I don't know that we would have wound up married!