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Born, raised and educated in Germany, Mario Gollin has been involved in building and renovating a wide variety of commercial and residential projects. His skills include custom baths, kitchens, custom tiling, site protection, demolition, debris removal, framing, drywall, woodwork, flooring, windows, doors, moulding, ductwork, children’s fortresses, tree houses, and more. We strive to make your vision a reality!

Reviews (20)

  • MG European Corp.

    We hired Mario Gollin’s company, MG European Corp., for the second time in the last 2 years (first job being a full bathroom renovation), to renovate our laundry closet. The space had previously been a half bath, and we used a different contractor originally in 2017 to gut it and install the washer/drier machines. Unfortunately, the work was done very poorly, and looked very unprofessional and unstable. We asked Mario to completely redo the space. As with the previous job, the project was done to perfection. Mario finished the walls and floor (matching the shade of the floor to the existing hardwood floors in the adjacent kitchen), raised the casing of the doors to accommodate the washer/drier, and installed new custom-sized doors and shelving to finish off the space. The space looks bright and tidy, and there is now both more storage space and less noise coming out of the closet as the machines are finally level and properly installed. Through this project, we were actually away from the city (due to COVID), and Mario performed all the work with only remote input from us. He sourced all the materials necessary by himself but provided us with pictures and options along the way so we can pick what we liked, and was very communicative via text and email with progress updates, pictures and details about the job. As with the last project, he took great care to cover up all floors and furniture items, sealing off everything with plastic, thus ensuring that none of our furniture got damaged, but also, no dust/debris ever made it out of the work space and into the rest of the apartment. The work was completed well before our deadline and there was no follow-up needed. Overall, I would highly recommend Mario and MG European Corp. for any renovation/construction needs.
  • Gut Renovation

    We hired Mario Gollin’s company, MG European Corp., for a total gut renovation of our bathroom. We are very happy with the result. To start, the space is small and narrow, with outdated tile and fixtures, and a badly constructed step-up/drop-down into a sunken tub. Mario was able to convert that space into a modern bathroom with a beautiful shower, in the process levelling off the floors, patching up and fixing the uneven walls, and installing all new everything. The end result is striking - the room appears brighter and somehow accommodated much larger fixtures without losing functionality and space. The work itself was meticulously done, and for the first time (this being our third major construction project) we had no punch list to go through at the end. More importantly, during the construction Mario took great care to cover up all floors and furniture items, sealing off everything with plastic, thus ensuring that none of our furniture got damaged, but also, no dust/debris ever made it out of the work space and into the rest of the apartment. He kept an open line of communication, providing updates and requesting feedback when necessary to ensure that our vision was executed correctly. The work was done on schedule and we were able to move back in as expected per the original estimate. I would highly recommend Mario and MG European Corp. for any major renovation projects.
  • 2018 Review

    After reading other reviews here on PSP, I hired Mario Gollin of M.G. European Construction to do a major 4 room water damage repair including walls and ceilings, electrical work, tile and wood floor repair. Mario and his wife Elizabeth (who handles sceduling and paperwork) were just amazing. Other contractors I called balked at the job because I was dealing with an insurance company. Elizabeth and Mario were beyond helpful and patient and worked with me to get the job done beatifully and within budget, and getting all the documentation for the coop. Mario's work is excellent- you can't see where the damaged sections were replaced. He even matched 10 year old paint perfectly. He was careful to keep construction dust and paint off furniture and floors and we were able to stay in the apartment most of the time. He got the work done in time for the holidays so the place is beautiful. Friends who had seen the before commented on his meticulous work. Mario and Elizabeth are a pleasure to work with and I won't use anyone else in future.
  • Review for MG European (contractor)

    I’d like to recommend Mario Gollin at MG European as an outstanding contractor. We hired Mario before moving into our new home to renovate a few key features: he broke down a partial wall, built another wall and a closet in the bedroom, and refinished our wood floors. He gave us a timeline that he honored, finishing exactly when he said he would despite a few bumps in the road with our coop board. Mario was extremely clean and respectful of the home. He cleaned up meticulously each day and with each task he did, and he was diligent with partitioning off areas that would be messier (from sanding, etc.) and contain them. He was punctual, polite, and took pride in his projects. He went out of his way for us on numerous occasions to help with unforeseen obstacles and to ensure everything was done right even when it was beyond what we had anticipated. He was also great at communicating with us with everything that arose. I cannot recommend Mario highly enough and would use him again without hesitation for any future projects. I would be happy to speak with anyone looking to hear more about this recommendation.
  • Review for Mario Gollin, contractor

    Mario Gollin of MG European Construction ( 718-399-9449) is an excellent contractor, and I highly recommend him. He came highly recommended from a friend whose kitchen and bathrooms he had redone, and she was right. Mario completely renovated two bathrooms in our Park Slope condo this past summer, and he did a spectacular job on both of them. We could not be happier with the final result: the bathrooms are beautiful, functional, and fit our apartment’s existing style. In addition to doing excellent work, Mario was an easy person to have around the apartment. He gave us fair warning before undertaking loud or dusty demolition projects, cleaned up extensively at the end of each day, and tolerated the occasionally nosy (and noisy) presence of our school-age kids with a smile. He started work on the same date he had promised us months earlier. He finished work on our place nearly a week early, and he charged us less than his original estimate for the work. Because Mario does almost all the construction himself (with one assistant), we never felt as if strangers had the run of our apartment while we were away. He costs a bit more than some contractors, but it is 100% worth it.
  • Contractor recommendation

    It gives me great pleasure to write about my recent kitchen/bathroom renovation and the extremely good fortune I had of working with Mario Gollin of MG European Corp. Demolition began on February 9, 2017 and Mario, a virtual one-man powerhouse, was solely responsible for the entire renovation. From putting up drywall, installing bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets and appliances, to laying and grouting wall and floor tiles, Mario completed ALL of the work to the highest standard. My renovation, completed several days ahead of schedule, on March 30, 2017, transformed my kitchen and bathroom into strikingly beautiful spaces. For his incredible work ethic, as well as his ability to successfully address all challenges with consistent good humor, in my mind, Mario Gollin of MG European Corp. will always be "Mario the Magnificent."
  • Contractor Review

    Mario was the contractor for a project in my home in August/September 2015. Our project was a bathroom gut do-over, expanding it through two closets and an air shaft, plus work in the kitchen and surrounding hallways; he also built an entirely new bathroom and laundry area in the basement. We worked with an architect and did the project to code. Mario was patient with the permitting process, and started our project on the exact day that he had originally scheduled, months earlier. The project took six weeks, and was even finished a week earlier than he'd anticipated. Mario cleaned every day on his way out; we joked that he left our house neater than he found it. And he’s pleasant to be around, which isn’t unimportant when someone’s going to be in your space for 12 hours a day. From the guts to the light switches, every detail is precise and beautiful. He anticipates and heads off future issues. Every single thing is done right the first time. Mario's tile work is flawless; our plumber says it’s some of the nicest work he’s ever seen. Other than the occasional work of an assistant or a licensed electrician or plumber, Mario does the work himself. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have found Mario and would go right back to him for any future projects. Note that Mario spends part of the year in Florida-- if you want him as your contractor, book him soon after the estimate, so he's able to fit your project into his schedule. And be aware that he works quickly and efficiently-- you'll want to be organized and ready with your decisions and materials for the project.
  • recommendation for contractor Mario Gollin

    It is our pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Mario Gollin. We had heard about him through the Park Slope Parents website and hired him to do our kitchen renovation. From our first contact with Mario and his wife Elizabeth, they were extremely responsive and remained so throughout the project. When we were struggling to decide about specific details of the project, Mario gave us excellent advice, though always deferring to our tastes in the end. In this way, he helped guide us through the process allowing us to benefit from his experience and expertise. Before beginning, Mario gave us a timetable for when the work would begin and end. The job ended up taking exactly the amount of time that he said it would. He worked hard throughout, paid close attention to detail and always cleaned up impeccably at the end of each day. In addition to being diligent, we found Mario to be pleasant and personable. His price for the work he did was fair and well worth it in the end. We are very satisfied with the end result and would not hesitate to use him again in the future.
  • May 30, 2013

    I wanted to add my recommendation of contractor Mario Gollin after two recent projects. After completing a 3 month renovation project last year, we had Mario back last month to complete the final part of our basement renovation. The work involved tiling a concrete floor, installing a ceiling, installing a new bathroom and new storage units. The work took 3 weeks. Mario is a superb workman – his tiling is second-to-none and always he was reliable, hard working, clean and tidy, and in general a pleasure to be around. Even when our new baby arrived unexpectedly one day into the work, we were not disrupted or inconvenienced in any way. I thoroughly recommend Mario and will use him again without hesitation.
  • Re: ISO: contractor for cellar renovation

    Mario Gollin is fabulous. I highly recommend him for any type of reno.
  • Vendor Review for MG Construction

    My husband and I cannot recommend the fine work of MG Construction and Mario Gollin enough. From the first appointment I made with his lovely wife, Elizabeth, it was truly a pleasure to work them. Mario did a complete renovation to our kitchen. Just prior to him starting, we had hired other (cheaper) contractors to gut renovate two bathrooms. We had a terrible experience with those other contractors. Working with Mario was the complete opposite of that experience. First, Mario is on time. Not just on the first day, or when he’s trying to get the job, but each and every day throughout the project. We had about three appointments together before the renovation commenced and then one after he completed the work. He was on time for every single appointment and on each day of the job. When he told us he was going to be here working, he was. Second, Mario commits to your job. With other contractors, I felt like I was competing with other jobs that they were juggling. With Mario, no matter whether it was day one or day fifteen, he always made us feel like OUR kitchen was his number one priority. Third, Mario is honest. He didn’t try to sell us up, or convince us to do work that was not necessary. He heard what we wanted, made several suggestions and let us choose. Then, and most importantly, he stood by his word – on budget and on time! Fourth, Mario is an expert at his craft. His work is impeccable. Everything is put together with expert care. He was thoughtful about creating solutions for our project and then executing his work perfectly. The kitchen is spectacular and we could not be more pleased. Fifth, Mario is clean. We have a toddler and were renovating our 1920s home so lead and dust were real issues for us. Mario sealed off the kitchen tightly and there was not a speck of dust in the main living area from the kitchen remodel. It was unbelievable. Again, I can’t help but compare this to our bathroom renovations where we were cleaning up construction dust on a nightly basis before our daughter came home from school. Mario has completely ruined me for other contractors. In my mind, he’s the best. I know that this letter will be one of dozens you are reading. It’s hard to believe that someone can have this many thrilled customers. Believe. Mario is worth every cent.
  • (no subject)

    I don't often write testimonials, or give recommendations, but after working with MG Construction, I am compelled to share how thrilled we are with what they've done to our apartment. We hired MG Construction in June 2012 to complete a kitchen gut renovation, electrical work, wood floor refinish and a handful of smaller jobs in our newly purchased coop. We had never hired a contractor before. Most people we know who have, seemed to have had a negative experience. We researched and contacted at least 7 contractors, some recommendations from friends, but most from reviews read on the Park Slope Parents website. Some never called back and the rest took several days to weeks to respond. From my very first call and interaction with Elizabeth, I was impressed (she actually answered the phone!) Elizabeth is Mario's wife and business partner and handles all of Mario's bookings. She is responsive, patient and great with follow up...qualities we consider paramount when working with any professional, but especially important with a contractor. She set up an appointment for us to meet Mario, and after his inspection, Elizabeth drew up a detailed proposal that included: an itemized breakdown of work and services, materials, timeline and cost. The proposal was professional and straightforward. Mario Gollin is a master contractor and craftsman. He works diligently and effeciently and does not cut corners. He has a wonderful eye for detail and available to help with suggestions if you need or want them (we did). He cleaned up everyday after working and treated our home with care and respect. It's fair to say that Mario displays a level of compulsiveness about his work from which his clients truly benefit. Mario's work is quality. He has an unbelievable work ethic and a willingness to work nights and weekends -- whatever it takes to get the job done. Simply put, Mario is a quality guy. Mario and Elizabeth are well-versed with the rules imposed by most New York City co-ops and handled all of the paperwork. Mario finished the job on time and on budget and not once throughout the process were we doubtful that he would. For this, as well as the reasons mentioned above, I wholeheartedly recommend MG Construction. If you are considering them and have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • (no subject)

    We are writing this recommendation letter to enthusiastically champion Mario Gollin of MG European Constructions with those who are looking into home improvement. We found Mario based on recommendation and are now happy to share our very positive encounter with him so that others benefit from it and may go through the same positive experience. In one sentence – Mario is a Superstar Contractor! Highest European standard quality at competitive pricing in record time! There is nothing more or better you could wish for! We needed to get work done in our upstairs approx. 500 sq ft area that entailed demolition and rebuilding of dry walls, creating a walk in closet, rewiring, installing electricity fixtures, installation of doors, window guards and full plastering and painting of the space. Right from our first meeting we were impressed with Mario’s very easy to work with mentality, his kind manner and quick cost proposal turnaround. He had great creative ideas, suggested technical solutions and offered thoughtful advice. His bid was clear, precise and all the necessary paperwork (insurance, certificate) was at hand so that our Condo board could quickly approve the proposal. The whole project was done in about 3 weeks, ran very smoothly and went off without a hitch. Mario’s work is of highest European quality which was a key factor for us. We were amazed by his attention to detail, his broad knowledge, his technical skills and thoughtful approach. Surrounding areas were protected by cardboard floors and plastic cover sheets, the work area was kept meticulously clean and tidied up ever night before he left, all the trash was disposed immediately. Mario is a super hard worker who sticks to a rigorous time schedule and is 100% reliable and trustworthy. He goes out of his way to accommodate your wishes. He is very efficient, does almost all of the work by himself and most of the time you do not even realize that he is in your home – this is how smooth and quite his work goes off. Since we finished our construction we have gotten lots of praise for Mario’s work from friends and neighbors and would hire him again in an instant.
  • (no subject)

    It is with great pleasure that we recommend Mario Gollin and MG European Construction; Mario recently performed a major renovation project for us at our Park Slope condominium. From our initial meeting with Mario, we knew we had found the right contractor. · As opposed to other contractors and projects we have seen, Mario does not simply oversee the project, leaving you to roll the dice on the work and quality of subcontractors – Mario is involved in the work every step of the way. · Attention to detail: From floor to ceiling, Mario has a strong eye on the work that is necessary and how to properly finish his work. You can tell that Mario loves what he does – and it shows in the final product. · Timing and Reliability: Across the board, Mario and his wife Elizabeth exceeded expectations. o Leading up to selecting a contractor, they were very responsive to setting up initial meetings and extremely quick in providing a work plan and accompanying price quote. o Coming into the project, we had anticipated – and heard stories about – the project taking X% longer than quoted – “it always does” is what we heard. Much to our surprise, not only did Mario stay within the original timeline – he finished ahead of schedule. o Similarly, we had always heard stories about projects and contractors coming in not just over schedule, but also over budget. Not with MG European Construction. The price ultimately agreed upon before work started was the price delivered. · Organized and Conscientious: Mario was super organized and conscientious from start to finish – which is very important when working in a multi-unit building with several neighbors. From keeping the work site neat, clean and as confined as possible (which we cared about) to garbage disposal (which our neighbors cared about), Mario was very professional. He was able to effectively budget his time and the work plan to maximize his efficiency while remaining cognizant of house rules, noise and afterhours restrictions. · Good Communication: Throughout the project, Mario and Elizabeth were readily available, whether in connection with finalizing the work plan, coordinating with others involved in the project or dealing with unforeseen issues along the way; with both of us working during the day, this was essential. In short, Mario was able to deliver high quality work and professionalism without the stress that is oftentimes associated with a renovation project. We wholeheartedly recommend MG European Construction, and in fact already have to our neighbors
  • (no subject)

    I would like to recommend MG European Construction. I got several bids before deciding to go with Mario as the contractor to update my bathroom. I went with him for four reason: 1) He was the lowest priced contractor who had insurance. 2) He was highly recommended and I checked out his work before selecting him. 3) He is a nice guy and easy to communicate with. He listens and provides thoughtful advice without being arrogant or pushy. 4) He was on time the day that he gave me the bid -- and remained on time while he did the work. Very reliable person. From the start, he was very easy to work MG European Construction. Mario's bid was clear and detailed, and he quickly filled out all of the paperwork for my coop board, including proof of all required licenses and insurance. Once he started the work, it couldn't have gone any smoother. Whenever there were issues that arose that we had not discussed in advance, Mario called me. He never made a major decision without first knowing that we were in agreement. I really appreciated this. His work ishigh quality. He pays attention to the details and solves problems. The vanity that I bought was slightly too small for the sink. He craftily cut the vanity down to size. It was a beautiful job. He takes pride in what he does. He also made some good suggestions on tile size and color. He worked in my apartment for a week, and every night left it cleaner than when he came. There was never any dust left behind. It was great. Finally, I had a medicine cabinet made for my bathroom and it arrived a two weeks after Mario completed the rest of the work. Like a gentleman, he came over the very day that the medicine cabinet arrived and put it up -- at no additional cost. I would certainly use him again.
  • July 2010 Review

    Mario and Elizabeth are a very professional, detail oriented team. Mario is extremely skilled, a true craftsman. He takes responsibility for his work, provides clear and detailed estimates, and is very easy to work with on all levels. Even my 5 year old son reminds me to call Mario whenever we need help.
  • (no subject)

    Mario helped us following unexpected damage to our apartment by a neighbor's construction. Because the fixes to our apartment were based on damage and were not optional, Mario was invaluable in helping us fully understand the scope of the work that needed to be done. Not only did he bring an expert eye to our insurance claim and help us understand what was actually wrong with our apartment, he also helped us to see that certain things actually did NOT need to be fixed! For many reasons, we simply could not have gotten through the experience without Mario’s skill, expertise, honesty, patience and positive attitude. Also, Mario and MG Construction (his wife Elizabeth, who handled the scheduling and paperwork) were very patient and flexible with us while the dates and needs for our renovation changed (over the span of about 8 months). When Mario finally was able to begin work in our apartment, he made every effort to stage the work in the way that worked best and most effectively with our needs and would mean the least inconvenience to us. They were also incredibly flexible, responsive, and helpful when it came to the various needs and paperwork related to Coop approvals. Mario was on time, on schedule, and on budget. Any additional items that came up were reasonable, and they were all things we decided we wanted to add – no hidden surprises from Mario. In all of the tasks undertaken, Mario was a true professional and a real expert. At every turn we notice little things that Mario did that we never asked for or expected: Additional cracks we had forgotten about in the pre-work walkthrough/estimate stage were patched, trim was painted even where not included in the estimate (he didn’t want it to look different from the new trim!), and he even bought us new toilet seats (and installed them) – we didn’t even know we needed them! Most important for us, Mario put everyone in our building at ease. Our super still talks about what a great job he did and how he’s never seen anyone work as hard and efficiently. Our super also made a special point to tell us how well Mario treated the other people who work for him. Again, we didn’t know it but this turns out to be pretty rare in this industry. As you can see, we enthusiastically recommend him.
  • March, 2008

    I have to second that. Mario put our kitchen in while my husband was out of town. He was neat, pleasant and ON TIME, ON BUDGET & ON SCHEDULE. Real old fashion work ethic. He cost more, but having worked with contractors I find cutting corners always cost more in the long run.
  • April, 2009

    We used Mario Gollin, who was terrific to work with and very reasonably priced (he did our bathroom and kitchen, as well as a number of other things when we moved in).
  • June, 2010

    Mario and Elizabeth are a very professional, detail oriented team. Mario is extremely skilled, a true craftsman. He takes responsibility for his work, provides clear and detailed estimates, and is very easy to work with on all levels. Even my 5 year old son reminds me to call Mario whenever we need help.