Meredith Lusthaus
Meredith Lusthaus


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  • Brooklyn attorney guidance

    Meredith Lusthaus is an amazing attorney. She has helped me out of several jams but I did not retain her for my divorce because my ex and I had met with her on an unrelated issue and I felt it would be better to work with someone who my husband wasn't already slanted against (not that this helped at all, was just one of the many futile things I did to try to keep this process as calm as possible). She has represented multiple people I know in some very contentious situations and has been amazing at representing her clients. Her office is well located relative to the courts and she is well known in Brooklyn circles (a defense attorney I know knew of her too). She has experience in international custody issues as well. Happy to share more offline but I recommend unreservedly. review submitted via PSP's SDS (Separated, Divorced, and Single) Parents Group, March 2015