Melissa Thoen LCSW CST, SIT
Melissa Thoen LCSW CST, SIT


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  • Need couples therapist

    My husband & I have been working with Melissa Thoen for about two years, maybe a little less & she is amazing! Within the first few weeks she got us from extremely unhappy with each other where we were both thinking seriously about divorce to an ok place within weeks and to a pretty stable place within a few months. Our daughter is also 3 and we were frustrated really unhappy with each other roommates at the beginning and are now back to being best friends. Melissa is also a mom, though her son is younger than our daughter. We started seeing her when our daughter was 1. My husband couldn’t do Imago which is what we tried 1st. We’ve kept up with her as I think the regular check ins help our marriage stay strong. Her website is