Melina Gac Levin - Babies and Toddlers Understood LLC
Melina Gac Levin - Babies and Toddlers Understood LLC


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Reviews (3)

  • Shout-out to virtual potty training seminar

    I posted earlier this week about our potty training issues, and Melina reached out to me about the seminars she's doing. It was really great. She usually does them in person but obviously, right now, everything is online, so you can take them from anywhere. I need a few days, at least, to share if it's really worked, but I definitely feel more confident and like we have some strategies to deal wtih this potty regression amid all the pandemic chaos.
  • All About Baby Class!

    I recently took an amazing parent class on infant development with Melina Gac Levin and wanted to share! It’s called All About Baby and I believe another class starts up next week. Melina goes over temperament, developmental stages, feeding, sleeping, movement, all the major stuff. She’s super observant, open, warm, and responsive to parents’ questions / areas of interest. My favorite discussion was on co-regulation and how infants take cues from parents in how to react/behave in different situations including bedtime. Oh, and it was really fun when she noticed things about my baby that I hadn’t. For example, Melina noted that my baby was grasping her hands together and then explained how babies’ awareness of their own body changes as they develop. And this development can be seen in how they move. Super cool. Of course she explains it all more eloquently then I do! Anyway, just thought I’d let the community know that she’s out there. And she’s amazing.
  • Recommendation: Melina Gac Levin: Baby and toddler specialist / Kind Expert / Life Saver

    I'm writing with an enthusiastic recommendation for Melina Gac Levin, an infant and toddler development specialist. Her education and experience are impeccable and she is an absolute delight to work with - kind, empathetic and funny. I trust her completely and consider her an valuable resource as I learn how to parent my two year old. Melina offers super helpful (and affordable!!) classes on vital and challenging topics (e.g. sleeping, understanding baby and toddler, sibling magic, preschool dropoff, etc). I met Melina when I took "Understanding Toddler Emotions" class last year and was completely impressed and grateful for her thoughtful and useful expertise on toddlers. I just took her Mindful Potty Training class and once again left feeling very empowered with resources, insight and tools. I have also worked with Melina as a private consultant in a moment filled with transitions for my family when I did not feel emotionally equipped to help us all cope with the changes. After talking with her, my wife and I felt confident in handling challenging behaviors and our ability to support and nurture him. Melina has an enormous arsenal of knowledge about what toddlers are thinking and feeling and how they express themselves. She truly unlocks behaviors and is able to determine what is behind them and how to cope with them in supportive and effective ways. I could really go on and on about Melina and would be very happy to answer any questions or share my thoughts.