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  • Review Submitted March 2024

    Meema was a fantastic postpartum doula from our initial conversation through after our sessions with her and we are so grateful we had her wise and validating support! Prenatally Meema provided thoughtful and thorough guidance and resources to prepare for postpartum physically and mentally - including how to manage extended family, how to navigate nursing for me (pregnant/birthing parent) and my partner (induced lactation), what to expect following birth. Meema made us feel very seen and supported as a queer family. We ended up having a very difficult birth and Meema superbly coordinated with our doula and lactation supports and made us feel so cared for by a team. We would have been lost without her initiative as we started our parenting journey. Meema was always thorough, responsive, supportive, insightful, sharp, and reassuring and we will cherish our memories of caring for our newborn with her!
  • Review Submitted March 2024

    Meema was a great support to our new family, later a friend; and both things impacted our always rearranging new living space giving us rational optimization of tools (put the bassinet here- no, there) and most importantly, later on, also rationalizing our parenting views (We have to breastfeed- it's okey if sometimes we can't). I believe this second part is like the hidden big bag of optimism under the coushen of Meemas technical tools when, she suddenly starts not only helping you out with moving stuff around your home but inside out too, i'll call it rationalizing our optimism, meaning knowing actually that things will be okey pretty much by following one general premise of, hey- just do your best, all you can do is all you can do, you're enough, you're the standard, and if you get there and feel okay, the baby feels okay, and then, yes, you guessed it, we're all okay.
  • Review Submitted March 2024

    Meema was a lifesaver when I had my twins and was still IN the hospital, but breastfeeding was not going well. The babies came early and so I was not prepared and Meema came to the rescue! She showed up at my house the day after I got home and got me set up to have a successful breastfeeding experience with the babies. She is kind, no-nonsense and overall a great help. She anticipated what I would need to know and was so kind during a very difficult time. I highly recommend her.
  • Review Submitted March 2024

    I couldn't recommend Meema more highly, for both prenatal and postpartum help and care. We met with Meema a few weeks before our baby arrived and she made us feel so much more prepared - we talked about feeding, pumping and what to expect in the hospital, we looked through our nursery and talked about supplies we'd need, and she gave us some much-needed confidence. I'd had some latching issues after we got home from the hospital and Meema took a look for about 2 minutes, quickly diagnosed the issue, and had the baby latching on 2 minutes after that. I couldn't believe it - she had unlocked the ability to make nursing comfortable. She is truly a baby expert and will leave you with tons of links, tips, resources and suggestions. She has been incredibly generous with tapping into her vast network as we've looked for child care and even recommendations for friends who live outside the city. I also truly appreciated that Meema was not judgmental about feeding or any of our decisions - she does not come in with any agenda, just information, and a true desire and willingness to meet you where you are.
  • Review submitted March 2024

    After endless Doula searching, we stumbled across Meema after multiple of our neighbors recommended her. Meema was SO amazing with myself and my family. She came to work with us a week after my daughter was born. She was so supportive, and not sure how we would have functioned without her. Her emotional support with me and nativating our family as new parents. She taught us so much in regards to lactation support, learning new things, and answering our millions of questions. She has such an amazing energy with our baby, and has such a calming presence in such a chaotic time of the early newborn days. We were so bummed and even emotional when our time with her came to an end. To this day with our daughter being 3 months old, we still ask her questions, and she answers without hesitation- even though we don't currently "work with her" anymore. I couldn't recommend Meema enough, as any family will be so lucky to work with her.
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    I also highly recommend Meema Spadola!
  • Post-partum Doula recommendations?

    My wife and I had a baby in Jan 2022 and we worked with Meema Spadola for a few weeks after our daughter was born. Meema was excellent and always knew exactly what we needed. She helped with breastfeeding positions, was emotionally supportive, cleaned our kitchen (she would just do this unprompted) and generally knew how to help in ways we couldn't have known or anticipated. She is very organized, had a lot of helpful documentation/links and information that she shared before the baby was born. She is knowledgable, personable and such a pleasure to work with!
  • Meema Spadola (Doula)

    If you are looking for a Doula- Meema Spadola was a grace from above. She truly was the angel I needed to get through my postpartum. As a first time mom, I was very nervous because I did not know what to expect. Meema held my hand every step of the way. Explained everything she was doing from sanitizing to feeding the baby to helping her stop crying- sharing all her tricks. She was apart of all those scary first experiences. I also went through some rough patches after coming home and she mothered me back to health. She was my cheerleader when I was having trouble breast feeding- and went above and beyond helping me schedule a lactation consultant. I can not thank Meema enough for giving me the strength and confidence I needed the first months of [my child's] life.
  • Meema Spadola

    Meema is just amazing! She is highly professional, caring and helped me a lot during my postpartum recovery. All moms deserve the best care and guidance during their postpartum period. Adjusting to your body change after delivery can be confusing and frustrating, and you may feel alone and powerless. With Meema's help, I was able to successfully nurse my baby and receive all the professional guidance (such as the AAP guidelines and the newest research) I needed without googling a hundred times. Whenever she's in my house, I know there is nothing I need to worry about and she would just take care of me, the baby, and even other family members. Anyone would be so lucky to get Meema as your postpartum doula! She is truly the best of the best!
  • Meema Spadola

    Our son was born 4 weeks early and spent time in the NICU. Few hours after discharge, we had to go back to the hospital. I also went through PPD due to numerous factors. Meema was there for our son and our family since day 1 until our son was 6 weeks old. We wouldn’t have survived the most challenging time of our lives if it weren’t for Meema. We don’t say that lightly. She spent time educating us about taking care of a newborn and helping me with breastfeeding and pumping. She did a lot around the house as well which was a huge help for us - cooking, running errands (grocery and meds pick up), doing the laundry, and watching over our son while encouraging us to go on a coffee date or get some needed fresh air. She is very compassionate and empathetic. We 101% recommend her and would hire her again in a heartbeat.
  • Review from the Spring 2023 Birthing Survey

    Postpartum Caregiver: Meema Spadola Review: I highly recommend Meema Spadola as a postpartum doula! I'm so happy we found her (via PSP) as I really can't imagine prepping for the baby and the first few weeks postpartum without her. She has compiled tons of great resources for clients including a detailed list of gear and supplies needed for a newborn with recommended options, which saved us a lot of time and stress. She also has curated resources on breastfeeding, baby development, and postpartum care. She does one prenatal visit to get you started on breastfeeding tips and other basics, and can assess your space and set up. I also appreciated how much time she spent getting to know key things about us that would help her better help us. Once the baby came she was an absolutely amazing resource and support. This was our first baby and my partner and I didn't have much experience with babies or family nearby, so we relied on Meema to help teach and guide us. She does that with a lot of knowledge but also no judgement and a focus on your goals and preferences. Meema also helped with basic things like laundry, dishes, preparing food, and organizing baby gear and gifts. She has a way of knowing what needs to be done or what you need without you having to think of things or ask. Meema also has a great network of providers, so she can make informed recommendations for OBGYNs, pediatricians, IBCLCs, sleep coaches, etc. It's clear she loves babies and is passionate about helping new birth parents and their parents navigate the postpartum time. Any advice for people considering hiring a postpartum caregiver? A postpartum doula is so worth it! I first learned about postpartum doulas while researching birth doulas on Park Slope Parents, and I agree with the advice that I'm so glad we prioritized getting a postpartum doula over a birth doula (though both would have been ideal!). Especially if this is your first baby and you don't have much experience with babies, and don't have family coming to help (who also have recent baby experience), a postpartum doula can provide so much knowledge, resources, guidance and support. It makes the first few days and weeks less scary and overwhelming.
  • Meema Spadola

    Meema is fantastic! She's kind, caring, supportive and open-minded. She was there to guide us just days after our daughter was born when we were exhausted and a little lost. She was especially helpful in getting us through some really rough breastfeeding challenges in the early days of our daughter's life. She set us up on a plan that helped our daughter's weight get back on track. She also set up my breast pump and carefully walked me through how to use it, how to clean it and how to store breast milk. When it was time to start thinking about returning to work, Meema gave me a tailored step by step plan for how and when to pump at work. I feel so much more prepared and less anxious about the whole process. Throughout our time working with her, Meema was super communicative. She regularly sends text messages to check in, and responds super quickly when we reach out. She's full of knowledge about all things baby and breastfeeding, and also has tons of extra resources and links that we constantly referred to. My husband and I would have really struggled without Meema! We're forever grateful for her support for us and our daughter.
  • Meema Spadola

    My husband and I could not be happier with or more grateful for our experience with Meema. She gracefully and warmly helped us through one of the most challenging, raw, and special times in our lives. Meema doesn't just offer help, she sees needs that new parents don't even realize they'll have, and she meets them. Meema aided me tremendously in my physical recovery, helped my husband and I gain confidence in taking care of our newborn, and provided us with tons of resources that we still rely on today. I truly can't imagine what it would have been like to adjust to new parenthood without Meema's guidance, expertise, care, and enthusiasm. We feel so, so lucky to have had her in our corner.
  • Meema Spadola

    We hired Meema as a postpartum doula in Dec 2021. We had to unexpectedly spend 2.5 weeks in the NICU after our daughter was born by c-section. Meema was supportive during this time and reassured us that she would be available whenever we arrived home and in whatever capacity we needed. She was super organized and sent us detailed resource documents she created with various pro tips and links for first time parents. She also sent lactation information which we found extremely helpful. From the moment Meema walked in our door we felt immediately comfortable. She felt more like a friend than a stranger. She anticipated needs we didn't even know we had as first time parents — without a word she would put on rubber gloves and begin tackling the dishes, bringing order and calm to our home. I had trouble breastfeeding for the first few weeks and Meema worked with me closely to find positions and tricks to help the baby latch. She consistently gave us practical advice as well as guidance on what to expect emotionally and physically. We highly recommend Meema to anyone looking for support after the birth of their child.
  • Meema Spadola

    I would highly recommend Meema to first-time parents looking for a knowledgeable and compassionate guide to parenthood. Meema was an invaluable resource for all things lactation: breastfeeding, pumping, resolving clogged ducts, storing milk and safe practices, etc... She was also there for me as I was recovering in the delicate and vulnerable time that is postpartum. Meema made sure I ate and had water, that I was taking my medication, that I allowed myself a nap (so needed!), she tidied my home (and gave me a much needed sense of order where everything else felt chaotic and unpredictable), she listened (truly listened), she took care of our baby while I had a chance to take care of myself. Meema was a gift to our family. Book early and without hesitation.
  • Meema Spadola, Postpartum Doula

    Meema was our doula after our baby was born in Mid- December, 2021. She was really wonderful. She showed two first time parents how to take care of our newborn with love, compassion and support. She helped me get the hang of breastfeeding, took care of the baby so we could sleep, showed us how to baby wear, made us yummy, hearty food, and did multiple other things for us. She has continued to text and check on us long after she has stopped working for us. We highly recommend her!
  • Postpartum Doula Recommendation?

    I highly recommend Meema Spadola, She’s incredible.
  • Meema Spadola

    As first-time parents during a pandemic, Meema was an absolute god-send. She provided us with so much practical knowledge, support, and humor during what was a head spinning time. We always felt at ease around her and find ourselves, even today, (1 year later) quoting our favorite Meema-isms. She is a wealth of knowledge and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for a postpartum doula!
  • ISO Postpartum Doula or Baby Nurse Recommendations for daytime help

    +1 on Meema Spadola We are expecting this month and Meema will be our postpartum doula. We have met with Meema a few times over Zoom in preparation for the big day and what to expect. She’s extremely organized, knowledgeable and provides a ton of information and resources.
  • ISO Postpartum Doula or Baby Nurse Recommendations for daytime help

    She is amazing.
  • Meema Spadola - postpartum doula

    We loved working with Meema! This is our first child and the first few days home from the hospital were chaotic. It was terrific having an experienced and steady hand help us get up to speed and troubleshoot. She empowered us, as opposed to just doing things for us. I especially appreciated her help with breastfeeding; without her early interventions I might not have persisted with it. We recommend Meema very highly.
  • Meema Spadola

    Meema was recommended to us by my sister-in-law during a particularly challenging time at the beginning of our son's life. We were struggling with feeding issues and bad gas and particularly needed help with paced-bottle feeding and choosing the correct formula that would help our son thrive. To this day, I think about Meema's empathy, patience, and guidance as we navigated this hard time. The day after our son had one of his worst night's sleep due to gas pain and we were completely at a loss/ paralyzed by fear of which formula to try next, Meema made herself available at the drop of a hat and gave us the courage to make the best decision that was right for our family. She helped us to overcome the frequent feeling of paralysis that creeps into new parents brains and even referred us to a new pediatrician who she knew would help us diagnose the issue. It was truly her ability to listen and empathize with us that showed us there was a light at the tunnel. I wish we had even had her sooner in our parenting journey! Whether you need a 1 hour consultation or multiple days of support, she is wonderful to work with.
  • Meema Spadoula

    Meema doesn't judge, she is kind, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. She meets you where you are. As a first-time mom, I had a lot of anxiety and a difficult birth. She helped me prepare my home and build my confidence in parenting. I am deeply grateful to her. I couldn’t recommend her higher! More specifically, Meema was there for me when I was re-hospitalized after giving birth (postpartum preeclampsia). I was too weak to hold my baby and the thought of coming back to an apartment without help was terrifying. I emailed Meema at 3:00am to see if she knew anyone and she went out of her way and found someone. This allowed me to focus on getting healthier knowing that my child would be in good hands until I was stronger. Meema went above and beyond and I will always be grateful for that. Currently healthy!!
  • Meema Spadola

    My husband and I worked with Meema for 2 months after the birth of our daughter (our first child). To say that our experience with Meema was invaluable would be an understatement. We trusted her implicitly, learned SO much from her, appreciated her patient, non-judgmental, kind presence and loved every second we spent with her. We found partnering with Meema provided us with a sense of calm and her wisdom made us feel so much more comfortable navigating all that is hard about the bringing your first child home from the hospital (feeding, sleep, learning baby cues, etc). She was so gentle with our daughter (and with us!) and gave us the confidence we needed as we stepped into our new roles. She saved us so much worry about things that were new to us, scary and just generally overwhelming. We can't recommend her highly enough!!
  • Meema Spadola

    There aren't enough superlatives in the world to convey how we feel about Meema. From the moment we had our first Zoom call with her to the the check-in texts she sent after we completed our time with her, we have been overjoyed, elated and profoundly grateful for her presence, education, and compassion in our lives. She is extraordinarily knowledgeable in her field about everything from nursing, pumping, feeding and baby's developmental stages but is also intimately familiar with the various items popular on the market today. And her opinions about those items helped us make smart choices about what we needed to ensure our, and our baby's, early days were as stress-free as possible. She also helped guide us in the right direction regarding finding additional outside assistance. Always gentle in her delivery and supportive in our choices, Meema was like our very own postpartum fairy godmother. Whenever she was in our home, I felt like I could relax and just know that things would be taken care of. Because of Meema's brilliant ministrations, I was able to find ways to produce more than double the amount of milk I'd been producing prior. She and I worked together, and tried many different approaches (all of which Meema miraculously produced) to nursing, before arriving on one that worked for me. She is so smart, so kind, so good. Before I'd recommend the hospital staff and doctors who performed my emergency c-section and cared for our baby for nearly a month in the NICU, I would recommend Meema.
  • Meema Spadola - Postpartum Doula

    Meema was such a reassuring, knowledgeable, warm presence in our first weeks of parenthood. She helped us to feel more confident and provided so much support around breastfeeding. We really felt that she cared about us and our daughter and appreciated how often she would check-in with us outside of our home visits. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Meema!
  • Meema Spadola

    Meema is an incredible source of information and was ready to help me troubleshoot after the birth of my first child. She was quick to respond and I was able to connect with her immediately for guidance. Thorough follow-up and follow-through. I wish I had known about her full services sooner to navigate postpartum life!
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    Meema might be a better fit for others. We were excited at first but she shamed me a bit for supplementing with formula in the hospital (baby lost too much weight and I was exhausted from trying to get my milk to come in) and that felt like getting off on the wrong foot. She helped with lots of organizational and breastfeeding tips but was very judgmental when it came to bottle types and formula.
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    I took a "Pumping 101" class with Meema at Birth Day Presence to get ready to go back to work, and it was fantastic. She was warm, nonjudgemental, and really knowledgeable, and she shared really helpful notes afterward that I've returned to often. I imagine she would also be a fantastic consultant to do one-on-one sessions with. She knows her stuff!
  • 2019 Birth Survey

    She is a post partum dola and was a great resource for when we came home from the hospital. From making sure we were eating, to organizing the kitchen, to identifying my son wasn't latching correctly and helping me find a lactation consultant through my insurance, she was great!!!
  • 2018 Birth Survey

    Meema was exactly what we were looking for: someone who could give first time parents guidance on the basics - bathing, gear, feeding, baby wearing, sleep. She was also incredibly helpful when it came to breast feeding including a pumping plan for going back to work. I highly recommend her for peace of mind, and for a trusted resource to call on with questions.
  • [January2017babies] Postpartum Doula

    Meema Spadola! She was wonderful
  • Review submitted via the PSP Birth Survey

    She's very knowledgeable but a little overly opinionated it was helpful for me because I had no what I was doing and wanted someone with strong certain advice. She also has lactation consultant training which was particularly helpful to me. Based on February 2017 birth experience
  • [PSP Spring 2016 Babies] Pls send Post-Partum Doula/Baby Nurse Recommendati...

    We loved Meema Spadola. She’s great and helped us so much! (Review submitted 2/2017)
  • Based on a 2014 Birthing Experience

    Member Review: Meema was great. She helped us get settled in our first night home from the hospital, helped me handle some breast feeding crises as well as taught us how to bathe our son for the first time, how to use a carrier etc. We have recommended her to several friends! Insurance details: Doesn't take insurance that I know of (Review submitted via the 2014 Birthing Survey)
  • postpartum doula referrals??

    I second Meema! Loved having her during the the second week, once all the family had left and DH was back at work.
  • postpartum doula referrals??

    Meema Spadola is wonderful!