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  • Kosher Park Slope Restaurants and Bars

    Would highly recommend Alenbi or MEAT for fine dining.
  • Celebratory restaurant?

    If you want an amazing culinary experience, I would highly recommend a new restaurant that is opening up in August. It's called Meat Cafe, on 123 Kingston Ave, Brooklyn. I was fortunate enough to be invited to a trial meal prior to the official opening, and it was insane. Even though they didn't even have the gas turned on (they used camp cookers), and were still working out some minor details, it was a remarkable feast. It's a kosher restaurant, but let not that deter you. I don't keep kosher, and I would gladly go there again. They cure and age dry their own meats, pickle their own olives, work heavily with sous-vide, and have the most powerful coal oven on the market. The food is executed very well, the service impeccable, and the decor nice though on the modern side. It's probably Michelin start level, I wouldn't be surprised if they get a star (or 2??) in the near future. They aim to be the best meat restaurant in Brooklyn, and they might actually become that. I'm attaching photos that my friend and I took, so you can get an idea of the food. All the photos were of a single meal, and will be offered as the chef's menu. We missed out on some other dishes, like their steak which looked amazing. It's supposed to open early August but I don't know for sure. If you're interested, contact them. Hope this helps.