Maven Valley Prep
Maven Valley Prep


New daycare in the heart of Park Slope! We offer a caring and nurturing environment coupled with a curated curriculum based on the education theories of Montessori, Vygotsky, Piaget, Bloom, and other great philosophers. Our program serves children from 3 months to 5 years old and we offer full day and half day programs.

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  • Maven Valley Prep

    My son (18m), has been with Maven Valley Prep for a month now and I couldn't be happier. Maven Valley Prep's owner, Polina, has been wonderful. When we enrolled him, she sent a list of questions to help get to know him better. It asked about his favorite meals, games, music, his nap time routine, and any behaviors they need to watch out for. The space is quite beautiful, with Montessori toys and furniture throughout. The teachers are warm and nurturing. Since joining Maven Valley Prep our son has learned new skills like washing his hands, cleaning up his toys after he plays with them, and sitting to eat at his toddler table for the full meal/snack (versus needing to be in the highchair). His days are full of activities like reading, arts and crafts, music, free play, and outside time. I love that he spends so much time outside. Maven Valley Prep takes the children out twice a day on most days. They do stroller walks and trips to the playground. Polina is incredibly honest about our son's day as well. She's not afraid to say when he had tough moments, was injured, or fought with another child. I appreciate this so much as it helps me parent him better. They use Brightwheel to record activities and send tons of photos of him enjoying all of the different activities at daycare: eating delicious meals; coloring; painting; reading; going outside; napping; and playing in the jungle gym at daycare. It's so nice to check in during the day and see that he's having a blast, being well taken care of, and is so engaged in all different kinds of play.
  • Park Slope Daycare Maven Prep

    Our 4 month old son has been attending Maven Valley Prep for one month. We cannot be happier with the experience thus far. Polina and her staff are incredibly warm, caring and ensure that we, as parents, are kept fully informed on our child's daily activities. The staff is also very mindful and respectful of parent's individual requests (e.g.we have asked the staff to carefully monitor BMs due to a change in formula, we are sent a detailed message after each diaper change). Even the infants have a weekly curriculum appropriate for their age group. For example, this week is focused on the "Earth" and they are listening to songs from around the world, are planting a "class plant" and gross motor activities include "climbing a mountain". The children are also taken out for daily walks. If you are looking for a daycare, I would highly recommend taking a tour and considering this brand new facility (they opened March 2022)!