Masker's Orchard (Apple & Pumpkin)
Masker's Orchard (Apple & Pumpkin)


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Reviews (7)

  • Apple Picking by Car

    There are many places in Warwick, NY that we’ve visited and enjoyed!
  • [PSP Dads Group] Apple Picking

    A little further is Masker Orchards in Warwick, NY [Rockland County]. It's about a 2.5 hour drive. Masker is larger with more attractions and better food vendors. But a longer drive, especially in Saturday traffic. Expect ling traffic cues to enter and exit the farm.
  • Farm that still has lots of apples?

    Review posted on 10/24/2016: We went to Masker in Warwick on Sunday - still plenty to be had. I'd say next weekend is about it though. Call before you go! It's a huge orchard.
  • Apple picking places...

    I want to 2nd Masker Orchards. We go every year and were there just last weekend. Some areas are picked out (ie Granny Smith) but as of Saturday late afternoon there were plenty others to be had. Beware, it's a little late in the season, so availability may be low in the smaller orchard, but Masker has 200 acres so still plenty to be found.
  • Pumpkin Patches and Apple Picking

    We liked Masker Orchard in Warwick, NY. It's about an hour and 45 minutes from Park Slope and it's really beautiful up there. There are two other orchards in Warwick as well (I think this weekend the town is hosting "Apple Fest"). The only draw back is you pay by the bag, not by the pound. They also have a pumpkin patch (just pumpkins set out), some farm animals, pony rides, horse-pulled trailer rides, some refreshments (pizza, hotdogs, pie), and a little general store. I'd recommend bringing your own food (or picking some up on the way) and a blanket and have a picnic in the orchard if you go.
  • Apple Picking

    I second Masker's; it's great. You can reward yourself with an ice cream afterward at Bellvale, which is just down the road from the entrance to the orchard.
  • Apple Picking

    We went to Maskers orchard in Warwick ny- 50 miles from GW- it wasn't crowded today but i imagine it would be on weekend- they had a few varieties of ripe ones, Empire. Cortland and Jonagold and there were tons- even on low branches so fun for kids- nice shop with cider donuts etc and I believe I saw signs for pony rides but am not sure about other activities - we have 4 month old twins so were not up for much:). But they did pose for lots of photos!