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  • Review from the Spring 2022 Birthing Survey

    Mary Esther’s mindful birthing class was incredibly helpful for as as first time parents-to-be. She is warm and smart and I found her classes to be calming and reassuring.
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    Mary Esther runs a very different, and very valuable birth class. She leads with mindfulness, a skill you will need to anchor yourself in the present moment in both birth and parenting. You will learn the mechanics of birth and coping techniques, but most importantly you will practice a life skill of meditation and presence.
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    Mary Esther was so helpful in preparing us for our second birth. She raised so many good questions that went far beyond birth and labor and really helped our family prepare for the new addition— if she was a marriage counselor, I’d hire her!
  • Doula recs?

    We didn't have Mary Esther Malloy as a doula, but we did birthing classes with her - in fact, it was Stephanie who recommended her - and those classes were amazing, for what that's worth!
  • Doula recs?

    Mary Esther Malloy is the queen doula of NYC! She was our birthing teacher for both of our kids; and two of my friends hired her and raved about her doula expertise. (She comes with an appropriately heft price tag , otherwise we would’ve hired her too ;) She definitely knows the doctors and nurses in the NYC birthing community, which I think is a big bonus when it comes to arming yourself against c-section.
  • Birth Class and Newborn Care for C-Sections

    Mary Esther Malloy who was our amazing child birth educator and doula teaches a “mindful c-section preparation” course. She’s lovely. Could not recommend her more highly (I can’t speak to this course directly as we took her general class). I’d reach out to her directly about when she offers it or if she does private sessions. It is mentioned at the bottom of this page, but not in detail, so don’t be put off by the natural birth orientation.
  • 2018 Birth Survey

    Invaluable 8 session class for anybody giving birth at home.
  • 2018 Birth Survey

    Absolutely completely magical woman without whom I’d have ended up in hospital. Endless wisdom and one idea after the other.
  • [Summer2016Babies] Doula Recs

    She’s an expert in birth, really sensitive to mamma and partner’s needs and a magic worker in any environment. Helped us have the most beautiful and sacred natural birth in a premature unexpected birth in a city Hospital. No meds no interventions. Amazing. My husband was so relieved she was there, as was I, and she was very respectful of everyone’s Needs.
  • Review submitted via the PSP Birth Survey

    We LOVE Mary Esther! Everyone in our class did! We walked away feeling like experts on childbirth. The class is long and thorough but we felt like it was SO worth the cost and time commitment. She definitely skews toward the natural end of birth and childcare but not in a hippie-dippie kind of way. She is a fountain of sound information and as a very experienced doula, can draw on the many births she attended. The class is very hands on which I found to be very helpful. She is as likable as can be, creating a warm, safe open environment. As one of my midwives said when we mentioned taking Mary Esther's class "Doesn't everyone love her?" Plan to begin classes when you're about 6 months pregnant. Based on February 2017 birth experience
  • Review submitted via the PSP Birth Survey

    The class was BRADLEY method based and 24 hours total (8 3-hour classes). Helpful in learning and practicing different birthing positions. At times, Mary Esther came off at adamant about something (diapers, circumcision) that could have benefited from a perspective appreciating the diversity of opinions in the room. Based on 01/2017 birth experience
  • Review submitted via the 2016 Birth Survey: Chilbirth Classes

    Wonderful and so informative for those interested in the bradley method/natural childbirth Based on February 2016 Birth Experience
  • Review submitted via the 2016 Birth Survey

    Method: Bradley Method Review: Mary Esther was a great resource and her tips for how to cope with labor were extremely helpful. In my case, my little one was sunny side up so I had back labor throughout. Since I took her course I was familiar with this type of pain and how to manage. If you want to try for natural childbirth, I'd highly recommend this course and Mary Esther as an instructor. Member notes about insurance: No Based on a February 2016 birthing experience
  • Based on a 2014 Birthing Experience

    Bradley Method Member Review: This was an eight week course and it was amazing! We learned a lot about the birth process, dealing with pain, positions, breastfeeding, babies. Loved it all. We got to the birth feeling calm and empowered, even looking forward to it. My only regret is not having hired Mary Esther as our birth doula. Side bonus, we're still in touch with other parents from that class and have reunions regularly. (Review submitted via the 2014 Birthing Survey) Insurance details: Not covered.
  • Based on a 2014 Birthing Experience

    Bradley Method Member Review: This class was amazing and great price for what you get. It's a detailed class and lenghty. I really felt like I got my money's worth in education. Mary Esther is so warm and supportive. She's also a doula and I wish I had hired her as a doula as well (I didn't have one). Can't say enough good things about her. (Review submitted via the 2014 Birthing Survey)
  • Re: Childbirth classes

    I cannot too highly praise Mary Esther Malloy and her Bradley Method class. She runs the full Bradley series in an 8-session, 3 -hour class (8 3-hour classes = 12 2-hour classes). In terms of the class, she is a big believer in the importance of practice. Talk is great, and she does a lot of mapping of possible labor terrains. But as she says, getting the relaxation, mental imagery, pain coping practices and labor support techniques IN our bodies can make a huge difference in labor. For this reason, she devotes a substantial amount of time in class to relaxation exercises and pain coping practices. She also does a number of labor rehearsals, which are a kind of hands-on labor support training for partners. Her class is a comprehensive preparation and her fee includes the Bradley workbook with hand-outs and articles - you buy two books. If you and your partner both want to be fully involved participants in the birth, I'd say this is the class for you! Truly, I can't say enough about how wonderful Mary Esther is - her class too! I do feel like I'm a Bradley/Mary Esther success story: I had a completely un-augmented birth at Lenox Hill after laboring at home for several hours. My husband and I both felt prepared and confident (well, as much as one CAN be while having their first child!) and attribute it mostly to this class. Funny side note: My water broke while in one of her classes (we started the class a little late in the pregnancy and I delivered a little earlier than expected). She was such a calming presence as she helped us decide that 1) it really was labor starting and 2) what the best course of action would be from there. She's also a labor support doula and, while I didn't use a doula, I could see how she'd be great at that too. If you or any one on the list wants further details, please don't hesitate to contact me.
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    Recommended by PSP Member without review