Mary A. Whitlock
Mary A. Whitlock


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Reviews (2)

  • Postpartum food help

    I highly recommend Mary Whitlock's postpartum meal service. We were in the same boat as you, with no postpartum help available to us. Mary is an Ayurvedic chef and all her food options are infused with nourishing herbs and healing foods specific to postpartum needs. She is really talented and it was satisfying to know that even if we had the time/energy, we couldn't have made these dishes on our own. There was always plenty of each dish to feed my husband and I, and her drop-offs covered breakfast, lunch, and dinner and dessert. Total lifesaver.
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    Mary is typically a post partum doula but sometimes does birth as well. I worked with her in both and she helped me feel really comfortable.