Mark Chemtob, Private Wealth Advisor - Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC
Mark Chemtob, Private Wealth Advisor - Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC


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  • Financial advisor for inheritance

    I highly recommend Mark Chemtob at Ameriprise (office in lower Manhattan). I first began working with him about 20 years ago when I inherited some assets after my mom passed away, and felt overwhelmed by the need to make decisions regarding investments, which I knew nothing about. Mark has guided me beautifully every step of the way and is expert at explaining everything - sometimes repeatedly - in terms that work for his client. I joke with him that his work is 80 percent psychological, too, because so many emotional issues cam come up around money, whether for an individual or a couple. In addition, he has done a great job managing my money, and providing consistent returns that go well beyond market averages. And he has advised me wisely about financial decisions through 20 years of life changes - from being married and having young children to now being older with kids out of the house and divorced. Through major real estate transactions and figuring out how to pay for college for 3 kids, he has been a great advisor and has also become a friend. And is now advising all 3 of my children, who have their own summer and professional earnings. Be advised that now he only works with folks with a certain amount of assets - not sure what that is and you don't need to be wealthy to work with him -- but even if he suggests you work with one of his team members, they are all excellent as well, and under his supervision. Here's his contact info: Mark Chemtob 212-233-5404