Mario the Magician
Mario the Magician


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Reviews (7)

  • ISO magician for party

    Mario the Magician! He was great for my son's birthday several years ago.
  • Back Re: entertainment recommendations for a 3-year old's birthday party

    Mario the Magician is fantastic. There are recs on PSP. He has a website. A film short about him:
  • ISO recommendation for magician

    I second that recommendation -- I was at a party last year (for 4-5 year olds) where Mario entertained and he was really great. A bit irreverent in a good way, truly funny to both kids and adults, and good magic tricks too!
  • ISO recommendation for magician

    We had Mario the Magician at my son’s 4th birthday party last year and he was really terrific. I highly recommend him.
  • ISO recommendation for magician

    I recently saw Mario the Magician at a child's 6th birthday party and he was awesome! Kids and grown-ups alike were totally engaged.
  • ISO recommendation for magician

    I saw Mario at at party last week. He was fantastic. Its was a 5th birthday and the kids were completely into it!
  • Review from Birthday Party Survey, 2012

    Highly Recommend This is the second year we have had Mario at our birthday party - he is amazing.