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  • Review from the 2022 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: Prospect Park How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 4 Review: It was great. Exciting and creative themes each week. The director Amanda White is incredible.
  • ISO: Summer Camps for Toddlers that offer 1 week at a time

    I missed the original post about this so I don't know if you mentioned a neighborhood, but Rainbow Camp at Maple Street is fantastic. It's a preschool so everyone there is 3-4 years old and the teachers and staff are preschool people. They spend lots of time outdoors and doing kooky projects and have a lot of social justice and inclusion curriculum woven into the culture. It's really fun. Our three year old will be there for most of July. Here's the link:
  • Feedback on Maple Street Camp

    It's great - lots of outdoor time in Prospect Park (including the splash pad), messy outdoor art activities, fun and energetic counselors, and relaxed sweaty summer fun. My son went the summers he was 3 and 4 (he also attended preschool there) and it was kind of an idyllic summer experience that I really miss now that we've moved on!
  • Summer camps for 2s

    I'd recommend Maple Street's summer camp - the school is actually on the park and they basically spend the morning in the park each day (visits to the playgrounds, splash pad, etc.). Very play based and really an ideal summer experience!
  • Maple street school summer camp?

    We sent our at the time 3 and then 4 year old to Maple Street camp for two summers and loved it. The program is a great mix of curriculum and free play with lots of outside playground and splash pad time. The counselors were lovely and warm and the kids all seemed to have a blast. I think the fact that it’s run by a preschool makes a big difference in terms of knowing what kinds of activities and atmospheres allow kids to thrive. Happy to talk more of you have any questions, but we were all really happy with it (and really appreciated the flexibility in scheduling).
  • Maple street school summer camp?

    My son attended maple street and always had a great time at camp. Lots of outdoor time (prospect park, splash pad, Lincoln rd playground) and fun special activities. The teachers are mostly the regular maple street teachers who are really lovely and loving.
  • Maple street school summer camp?

    My kids attended Maple Street camp in the past and its been great! I'm also planning to send my youngest there this summer for a couple weeks. In general, Maple Street just has a great group of people and do fun and creative activities - I highly recommend!
  • Summer Camp Recommendation (for ages 2+) - Maple Street Rainbow Camp

    For those of you who are still looking for summer camp options for your younger kids, I'd suggest taking a look at Maple Street's Rainbow Camp ( We sent our son when he was 3 and 4 and it was exactly what I envisioned our child's perfect Brooklyn summer being - lots of messy art projects, daily trips to Prospect Park (and loads of time at the Splash Pad), and mostly sweaty, silly fun with a loving and diverse group of kids and teachers. We've commuted from Park Slope and Prospect Heights and it's a quick trip on the B/Q or the B41 (or a lovely walk across the park).
  • 2019 Summer Camp Review

    Age: 3.5 Review: Maple street is an amazing school with a very progressive philosophy. They have two buildings, with clean, spacious and well lit classrooms, as well as outdoor space. The teachers, are seasoned and many have a certification in early childhood care. I love that every week had a different theme - wilderness week, dance week, circus week, trash (recycling) week, drama week all replete with field trips in the neighborhood + creative art projects. My daughter comes home happy and sometimes with big splotches of paint on her clothes as well.
  • Wonderful Summer Camps at Maple Street in Prospect Lefferts!

    Our son attends preschool at Maple Street, and we're super excited about the summer camp he'll be attending there this summer - there are spots left and I wanted to alert parents know are still figuring out their summer plans. It runs from July 10th - August 18th, for kids age 2-6. There are two separate camps to choose from - one focused on the environment and the other on social justice issues, both of which are important to our family. The kids will also be spending tons of time outside (frequently at Prospect Park) and getting super messy. We live near GAP and the school is just one stop on the B/Q train or a quick ride on the B41 bus.
  • SHOUT OUT to Maple Street SOCIAL JUSTICE and ECO-Village themed summer camps

    My daughter attends the Maple Street School in Prospect Lefferts, and both she and my son have attended camp there in past summers and have had a blast. I wanted to just give a shout out to the school's camp, in particular because this year the school is doing special Social Justice and Eco-Village-themed camps for kiddos aged 2-6. I know for myself in these current political times, I'm looking for ways to make a difference and have my kids be involved as well. The school has been doing an amazing job of incorporating these themes into their regular curriculum and I have no doubt the summer will be even better with a more singular focus, for anyone who might be interested!
  • Re: Looking for February break (next week) mini camp/class

    Maple Street Preschool is hosting a music camp with Jeremy Zmuda next week, Tues-Friday. My son attended Jeremy’s music camp last summer and came out obsessed with music and instruments and genres of music. He absolutely loved it. I think they still have spots available. The website is Other than the fact that my son attends Maple Street, and loves Jeremy, we are not affiliated with him in anyway. Just happy campers!
  • (no subject)

    Maple Street School camp is for 2-6 year olds - it's just across the park from Park Slope, right at the B/Q Prospect Park stop and it's great fun! The core camp day is 9am-2:30pm but there is early dropoff and aftercamp as well. (May 2011)