We are a Park Slope based fashion, sewing and crafts studio with a creative after school and camp program for kids ages 7 to 13. Using a sewing machine (no experience necessary), and tons of fun materials, your child will MAKE hip clothes, accessories, plushies and plenty more! We have a maximum of 9 children at a time, so they can get the proper attention they need.

We encourage individual thinking and creativity by letting our students have the freedom to create their designs. By offering principles and guidance to help guide this creativity the children will be in a formal yet playful environment that will both teach and entertain.

We offer classes/camps at 540 President street, Studio 2i, Buzzer #38. 

Reviews (23)

  • sewing class

    Yes yes yes again to make it and Lara Kazan!! All my three kids have taken multiple classes with her and LOVED them all. They have made great items we are still using years later and just the class was fantastic for our family. The felt kitty fanny pack my middle son made is a special favorite and I always get tons of compliments on it when I wear it out. Tound it through a psp rec also!!
  • Beginner sewing / fashion design summer camp for teens ?

    Both my 10 y old and 7y old have done Make It and TAC, and while both are great Make It is more focused on using the sewing machine and making projects the kids can use/wear. My 10 year old has accessories she made with Lara that she’s been wearing for years.
  • Beginner sewing / fashion design summer camp for teens ?

    Seconding make it!! My kiddo has been going to Lara’s classes and camps for a couple of years and they are the best. Several weeks this summer are related to fashion design, I think. You can see the theme of each week on the website.
  • Beginner sewing / fashion design summer camp for teens ?

    My 7 year old son did Make it Studio last summer and loved it.
  • Beginner sewing / fashion design summer camp for teens ?

    We love Make it Studio! With Lara! Our now 4th grader has been taking classes there since 2nd grade. Our first grader took her first day camp there in Jan and absolutely loved it!
  • Anyone know of a sewing teacher in the neighborhood?

    can highly recommend Lara Kazan from Make it Stuidio she teaches at the old stone house (and I think at curious jane) all three of my kids have taken multiple classes with her, they've loved it and come home with fabulous creations
  • Review from the Fall 2022 After School Survey

    Location: old stone house Name of the specific program, if applicable: sewing class How old was your child during the Fall 2022 semester? 7 and 10/11 What kind of program is it? sewing class Review: all three of my kids have taken sewing with Lara at the old stone house and all of them loved the class. my boys have done it three terms in a row and keep bringing back terrific projects week after week What skills did your child develop? sewing! What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? love it, no notes
  • Seeking After School Art Class for 10-Year-Old

    Just to throw this out there because it’s not quite what you’re asking for but Make It studio is awesome Full disclosure, the founder is my friend, but my daughter and my step daughters have all twken her classes, and I have lots of friends and clients who have put their kids in her after school, or in her camp, or have used her services for parties and the art projects, and fashion products and the general crafting she does with the kids is really great
  • Shout out Make it Studio

    same here (fifth?!) from our family! all three of our kids have enjoyed these classes so much my two younger kids (both boys) are in their third class and just LOVE it they're grumbly about many things but never sewing class
  • Shout out Make it Studio

    I third this shout out! My 8 year old loves Make It! Studio. She's attended their summer camp and many of the school recess mini-camps. She always comes home with amazing projects (stuffed animals, shirts, even a backpack!).
  • Shout out Make it Studio

    I just wanted to agree with the previous post and express how much my kids (age 10 and 8) adore Lara and her classes. My kids have learned so much in her after school and camp classes. They have made things that they really wear and love. My 8 year-old has become our family seamstress and has even fixed hems on my dresses and skirts. We are all super grateful for Make it Studio classes.
  • Shout out Make it Studio

    I wanted to give a huge shout out to Make it Studio! Our rising third grader took an entire school year of sewing with Lara. She started the class with zero experience with sewing machine and some whacky hand sewing skills, but she consistently brought home with amazing little projects such as hand warmers, messenger bags, backpacks, animal pillow, beanie and never a repeated item throughout 2 semesters of the same class! She also took a 4-5 weeks of jewelry making before school ended, and she made a few necklaces/ bracelets for many upcoming summer birthdays that just happened! We are super grateful for all her upcycled and crafty yet useful projects! Our child will continue sewing this upcoming calendar year, we look forward to more functional crafty pieces she will bring home! Lara also expanded the program to hand sewing for 5-7yo!!! All of her classes are conveniently located at OSH & Curious Jane's location on third! Please check them out as it's an amazing after school program!
  • Review from the 2022 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: Old Stone House How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 9 Review: My daughter LOVES Make It Studio. We've done after school and now summer camp. Each day, she's super excited to go and even more excited at the end of the day to show me what she's made. They do real machine sewing projects that involve cutting and stitching - the kids are treated like this is all no big deal and they are right! They really can do it! My daughter can now even re-thread our sewing machine by herself. They also made jewelry if time permitted, and she loves showing off her creations. She has SO much pride in the really cool things she's created in the class and she's inspired to do more sewing at home too. Thanks Lara!! We hope our kiddo will get to continue growing her crafting skills with you for years to come. What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? They may need a smidge more time for lunch. She usually indicates there's not enough time to eat and comes home hungry.
  • Any PS321 parents looking for an afterschool camp for fall?

    If anyone is looking for a fun creative after school club - Make It Studio has added an extra class on a Thursday at Curious Jane location. If they have more than 3 from PS 321 then they will do school pick up. I am not affiliated with it - my daughter just attended camp there this summer and enjoyed it. With no sewing experience - by the end of the week she had made a full outfit!
  • Review from the 2022 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: Old Stone House How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 8 Review: My child had a lot of fun working on the sewing and crafts projects. All of the projects were fun but also practical for kids in that age group (clothing, pillows, stuffed animals, tote bags). It was also nice being at the Old Stone House where they had access to a lot of outdoor space. Would you like to add anything related to COVID and how the camp handled it? The camp was pretty strict about COVID protocols (i.e. masks were required and kids were socially distanced).
  • Make It Studio Kids/Tween sewing camp - highly recommended!

    I just wanted to put a shout out to Make It Studio a local sewing, jewelry design, and fashion design program for kids and tweens. If anyone is looking for camp next week (starting the 5th) they have weekly camps available and are conveniently located in the Old Stone House at JJ Byrne! I have no personal connection to them except for being a very happy customer! My daughter has been taking after school classes all year and has been so happy. She's always excited about the next project and wears the clothes and accessories she designs and makes proudly. I have also been super impressed by the owner and teacher's ability to create a calm and creative atmosphere even during difficult after school hours. She has paid close attention to my daughter's specific needs. Highly recommended!!
  • Review from the Fall 2021 After School Survey

    Name of the specific program, if applicable: Our daughter has taken both sewing and fashion design classes How old was your child during the Fall 2021 semester? 11 When was your child enrolled in the program/at the facility? After school What kind of program is it? a type of studio art class involving textiles Review: basic sewing skills but so much more! the fashion design included painting, collage, textile art and just general flexing of all creative muscles. It's almost an entirely female class composition but it's suitable for any kids who like to think about clothing design and construction What skills did your child develop? sewing skills, multi-media art skills, pursuing individual creative ideas and bringing them to fruition Did the person, place or program offer you a special PSP discount? If so what was it? N/A (she offers her own discounts) What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? Does not offer after school pick up but something can (possibly) be arranged on a case-by-case basis.
  • Shout out: after-school sewing classes

    Thirding this! My 8-year-old took one of her classes last spring and they made Some really incredible projects. She is signed up for the Monday class for this fall and is so excited to start learning to use a sewing machine!
  • Shout out: after-school sewing classes

    I second this - we've done classes with Lara for several years, and she is an amazingly talented teacher. Our kids have learned a ton. Highly recommended.
  • Shout out: after-school sewing classes

    My daughters (age 7 and 9) took sewing and jewelry making classes with Lara from Make It Studios over the summer and had an amazing experience! They were both so inspired and are now independently getting busy making doll clothes and scrunchies. We are so excited that Lara is offering after-school classes at the Old Stone House this fall, including fashion illustration. We are hoping to get some more kids to participate, so that the classes are able to run. The classes are small and Covid safety precautions are being observed. Here are the details. I have no affiliation with Make it Studiios, just an extremely happy parent of 2 novice seamstresses.
  • In Person after school Sewing Classes starting at JJ Byrne

    I would like to put in an enthusiastic plug for Make It Studios (Lara Kazan) who is offering outdoor classes in May! We have worked with Lara for 2 years now, and she is a wonderful and creative teacher for kids in the 7 - 14 range. Our daughter has made jewelry, hats, masks, fanny packs, clothes, and (pre covid) took field trips to some of the big fabric stores in Manhattan. It's been a wonderful instructional and affirming experience for a crafty 11 year old kid, who is now adept with sewing machine and visionary with regards to all birthday / holiday presents. We've continued with on-line projects this year with Lara in order to keep the creative juices flowing, and it's been a great outlet. We are delighted that Lara will be offering in person classes at the Old Stone House starting in May.
  • Review from the 2020 Summer Camp Survey

    Age of child: 10 Comment: Before camp started we were sent a box full of supplies. The projects were fun and cute. Some are now decorating my child's room. She enjoyed all the projects. I wasn't sure she would focus during an online camp but it held her attention the whole time. There were little break periods for moving around.
  • 2019 Review

    My nearly 9yo daughter attended an AMAZINGLY personal, creative, fun, empowering, sewing- and design-skill building week in August with Make It Studio. Every day she made something that wowed me. She even sewed a dress that she wore on the first day of school!!! HIGHLY recommend!!!!!!!!